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My travel diaries,
totally uncensored

Welcome to my online travel diary. This is not a professional travel blog. I have a real job and I enjoy travelling (like a lot of people), but I don't do this for a living. So my pictures are not high quality (I don't even own a camera, I take pictures with my phone), my articles will contain typos and terrible grammar mistakes (English is not my mother tongue), my stories might sometimes sound uninteresting to someone that was not there and... I just do this for fun.

Against memories fading...

A long, loooong time ago, I was lucky enough to take part in an amazing travel. And dumb young enough not to write anything down, because I thought there would be NO WAY that I would forget what happened. I was wrong. So I decided to start keeping a travel diary!

The first time I took a small notebook and every night I wrote everything down. It worked great, but for the next travel... do I buy another one? what about the blank pages? Plus I would have lost it at one point. So I changed to my phone/laptop and kept it backed up. But... why not lose a little bit more time and make it pretty? Put some photos. Give the chance to future me to make fun of present me. And give internet strangers some recommendations.

The result: an arguably fancy site, with my pictures and thoughts.

Neither rich
nor on a budget.

My job allows me to travel more than just 3 weeks per year (sometimes I can even travel while I get things done). I don't organize THE perfect vacation where I spend all my money in one week, nor am I on a tight budget trying to extend my travel as much as possible. I am as average as one can be. Sometimes I'd do anything to save 2€, while other times I want a bit luxury.