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And who am I?

I am Susana. Born and raised in Spain, after a short time living in Malta, I apparently got too much sun and ended up making Germany my home. I love travelling (didn't expect that, huh?) and really enjoy my work (I am a frontend developer).

I am always bragging about my good memory. Seriously, as long as I was sober, I can recall even the dumbest detail for ages if I find it funny or it is a totally unnecessary piece of... information. But do you know what?


Not long ago, I noticed I can't remember everything.

How was that school mate's last name I thought I would never forget? What happened first, A or B? How was I feeling about something?

So, being a resourceful woman as I am, I made something groundbreaking: I started writing down the things I wanted to remember. Oh, that is called a diary, you mean? But... all the lame teeny books/series have to do something with diaries, I don't want to call it like that! And to call it memories feels like first I have to be either famous or old. Journal? Too much like journalist, and I am nothing like that. And I don't want it to sound like I have a secret agenda... Do you know the movie about a guy that has short-time memory loss? He takes pictures and tatoos himself what he wants to remember. Exactly, Memento. I am not going to spoil it for you, but let's say I don't want to end like that.In the end, I just want talk about what happened during my days. My tripping days.

I have a blast living these trips. And I smile when I read what I wrote, how naive I am always when I see things for the first time. I may have forgoten the smell of something, but now I can just read what I thought about it. If you decide to spend some time here: don't judge me too hard. Remember I just do this for fun!