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  • Nepal


    In the after still during Covid times, we decided to go to the usually overcrowded Annapurna Circuit to do our first multi day trekking on our own!

  • Colombia


    Two years after the spontaneous change of plans in which we flew to Colombo instead of Colombia because the flights were on sale, we did it. We went to Colombia. As we like to slow travel, we spent about two weeks on its Caribbean coast and another two in the coffee region. The spectacular landscapes and the friendliness of the Colombians captivated me, so I'm looking forward to coming back and seeing many more areas!

  • Japan


    It was Alex's birthday. And I got a notification: one of the flights you are following is cheaper than ever. Dresden - Osaka, Tokyo - Dresden. Comfortable, cheap, and with a nice airline? Buy first, think later! So as it happens, our first experience in Japan had to be during raining season! Which, was amazing (we might have been super lucky with the weather, though!)

  • Copenhagen


    This time was my turn to make a trip out of a birthday present, so Alex got a cheeky weekend trip to Copenhagen (including a lame codepen to tell him! If curious, it's here).

  • Montenegro


    Summer 2018 was great in Germany, so great we never wanted it to end. So when in September the cold days arrived, we drove all the way to Montenegro (and shortly visited Dranice and Dubrovnik) to spend two weeks driving around. We prepared our car well enough so it was our home most of the time for those two weeks.

  • Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka

    I travelled to Sri Lanka with Alex, and spent December 2017 and January 2018 there. We travelled with our laptops and worked in the afternoon and/or evening, so we had time to see a lot of places, but took it slow.

  • Iceland


    After preparing our vacation to Croatia, they day we were going to book things saw cheap direct flights from Dresden to Reykjavik. So we spontaneusly booked them and changed plans. The only things we got in advance: the first night hotel and a car for 10 days, with the idea of driving and camping around the Ring road.

  • London


    Yep, I turned 31 and I still hadn't been in London. So my lovely boyfriend thought it was about time I ticked it off my list and as a birthday present took me there for a long weekend.

  • New York

    New York

    Almu, one of my best friends from school, happens to live in New York with her partner. When we visited them, they were nice enough to let us stay at their place and gave us lots of tips. 

  • Thailand


    Our first long trip, after two years of hard working! The idea of going to Thailand was in our minds for a long time, since Max, Alex's cousin, was living there.