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The weekend scape from Medellín: Guatapé


We got up, and after breakfast and check out, we went to WeWork hoping to find Alex's ID, as we discovered before the football game that it had disappeared and was the last place we thought we saw it. Unfortunately, it was Sunday, and the security woman didn't help us much. I practically had to beg her to let me leave a note so that they could write me if the ID was there or not. Then we walked to the Metro and went to the North Terminal, where we bought a ticket to Guatapé. We had 20 minutes, enough time to eat some empanadas, buy water, and go to the bathroom before taking the bus.

It took even less than the official two hours. The walk to our hostel, Hotel Lagos de Guatapé, was five minutes, and the check-in just took two more. Then we got out, started walking, and watched the end of a children's football game with some beer, before sharing a bandeja paisa with two shakes. We found a cafeteria in the place that was perfect for people watching and read a little bit, and I took a little walk. The place where we wanted to get a bike closed before 5:30 pm, not at 6 pm as they said, so we found another place, where they kept one of my credit cards! Then we had 2 beers in a nice bar, 3 more in a typical cantina and then it started raining like it was the end of the world! We found a restaurant and ate two incredible burgers, and even ran to our hostel which we arrived dripping water. When we warmed up a bit, we started watching Narcos on Netflix, much more interesting since we are in Medellin!

Colorful streets in Guatapé
The main square
Really photogenic square
Beers where the locals drink


We woke up and it wasn't raining. Which was nice. We drove with the bike to El Peñol and arrived at 8 o'clock, and waited with two other tourists for the opening at about 8:10. Ten minutes later, we were up. And there was only fog to see. It looked like our plan wasn't going to go as expected. We stayed up for over an hour eating cookies in the hope that it would clear, and it did. When we thought it was as good as it could be, we left.

We thought of returning the bike directly because it was supposed to start making storms again, but Alex kept going spontaneously to San Rafael. The road was nice and the town too. Sadly, we had no time, things, or weather to enjoy the river and springs for which it is mostly known. So we had breakfast in a cafeteria and after a short walk to the bridge, we came back and returned the bike. We were able to convince them to charge us for a day, even if we had it for the night, since we barely used it.
We checked out and went to the station at 1 o'clock, but they only have tickets at 2 o'clock, so we walked a bit and Alex had lunch (while I was looking sad because my stomach was feeling bad again). Then we took the bus to Medellin. Once in the Terminal del Norte, we found the booth of Rápido Ochoa and bought there our tickets for the last bus to Jardín, which goes from the Terminal del Sur. This way, we had time to go to WeWork again to ask for Alex's ID. Unfortunately they didn't have it, and I had to go to the bathroom super sick. We chilled for an hour until I felt better, and I called a Cabify. The asshole took someone else in our faces and charged me for the ride (I had Paypal enabled), so we flagged a cab on the street and used the time to complain to Cabify. Once at the Terminal del Sur, we got on our nice bus that took longer than expected and arrived super late to Jardin. We walked two blocks to the main square, where there were about five empty bars with music. Our hotel room, the Jardín Antioquia Hotel, was beautiful and had a kitchen, with a window that looked directly onto the plaza. We still found some street food in the main square, and with earplugs we slept like babies.

El Peñol between the clouds
The best view we had
Bridge in San Rafael
Guatapé looks bright even without sun
Published: 31 March 2020, by susana

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Two years after the spontaneous change of plans in which we flew to Colombo instead of Colombia because the flights were on sale, we did it. We went to Colombia. As we like to slow travel, we spent about two weeks on its Caribbean coast and another two in the coffee region. The spectacular landscapes and the friendliness of the Colombians captivated me, so I'm looking forward to coming back and seeing many more areas!

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