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Since I wanted to make the most of Copenhagen staying the minimum amount of nights possible, I got us a plane to Copenhagen from Berlin starting at 7. Which meant taking a bus from Dresden at 3. It felt not such a good idea anymore when the alarm clock went off!

We arrived at 8 to Copenhagen airport, and we loved it. Super big, cool shops. We roamed for a bit until we found the exit, and got us a 72 hour ticket for public transport (200dkk each) before taking the M2 to Nørreport. We checked a supermarket (since we love to see if there are cool things we don't have back home) and checked the Botanical garden. The palm house was closed, and since we were hungry went to the Torvehallerne Copenhagen, a couple minutes away, and checked the stalls. We found it way too expensive, so went out and walked a bit around looking for a café. We ended up in Next Door Cafe, where we got a chai latte, porridge, coffee, eggs with bacon and blueberry pancakes for 180dkk. A bakery would have been cheaper, but not so cozy.

After a small stroll we found ourselves in the Rundetaarn. Got some almonds for our way for 30dkk, and got up the tower (25dkk each). We enjoyed the nice views, relaxed and even saw the royal guard playing music from the top.

Then we made our way to Strøget where we checked an electronic shop, tried vr glasses with an impressive Last guardian demo, and laughed with the funny stuff in Urban Outfitters. The street led us to Kongens Nytorv, completely under construction, and walked in direction Christiansborg. We saw a lot of police and people standing, so we asked a guy what was it all about. He pointed at the guy across the canal and explained to us he was a politician who was burning a Koran to provoke Muslims, but they just looked from the other side. A boy jumped in the water to cross, but the police stopped him and he wouldn't get out of the water. Firemen came, the police asked us to move further away and we lost interest. We checked the entry prices for Christiansborg and felt it was not worth it for us, so we took a bus to our hotel, Wakeup Copenhagen, ate some snacks we had left and napped. 

When we woke up, we searched for places to eat and saw a couple cool places not far away from us. We walked through the central station and to the supermarket, Brugsen, where we bought some beers and drank them there. Then we went to the Chicky Grill bar and got a couple more beers while waiting for a table. Dinner was a dish of the day and a filet fish with two more beers. The food was nice, the stuff too, and the people there cheerful, except for this Asian tourist waiting for a table too that looked miserable... We walked back to the hotel and chilled a bit in the lobby, but we were so tired we were sleeping by 11.


  • 72 hour public transport tickets x 2: 400dkk
  • Almonds: 30dkk
  • Rundetaarn tickets: 50dkk
  • Supermarket (well... 7 beers): 75dkk
  • Dinner & beers: 242dkk
The way up in the Rundetaarn
Rundetaarn views
The drama!
Dinner @Chicky grill bar


We woke up at 8 and walked to Mad & Kaffe, a place we saw the day before that looked amazing for breakfast/brunch. When we arrived, we were 6th in line waiting for a table. And even if we were not so sure, now we had to see what all the hype was about. We ordered a 7-piece breakfast to share, a chai latte and a cafe latte, and payed 234dkk. It was nice, but we went out of the place hungry... But was still better than the couple in the table next to us: they got a 3-piece each of them, and unluckily chose basically spreads without bread. I have never seen people more disappointed. Someone could have told them was not the wisest choice...

Across the street was the Folkehuset Absalon, and we checked it fast, and had the impression breakfast there would not have been better. We then got on a bus to the city center, (with a short stop to try to unsuccessfully sneak into Tivoli) walked around the Børsen and Christiansborg, where the were horses, before arriving to our destination: The black diamond. It is a cool name for the royal library, and a fitting one. We took our time visiting if and took a bus boat in the other direction to where we wanted to go, just because it was coming sooner and we can ride them free. Got off,  bought some porridge, pastries, cookies, tomatoes and water in a supermarket for 105 and ate while waiting for the boat.

We got off in Kastellet, walked all the way to the Genetically Modified Little Mermaid, where we were alone, and back to the famous one, super full of people. We waited for a bus that never came, run to another one that did not open us and then walked to a train station where it took us a while to figure out which one went our way. We hoped in a train for just 1 stop, to Nørreport, where we had to get a bus and almost missed it! All this, to arrive to Superkilen Park, where we played for a while before going to a supermarket to get some beer and coffee (are we fancy). We strolled to and through Assistens Cemetery and found our way to Nørrebroparken, a playground in front of the very expensive Mikkeller & Friends that had small tricycles. When our inside kids had enough, we went to a bar we saw from the bus, Nørre Bodega, just in time for the final 5 minute call of the happy hour. 2 beers, 20dkk. Better than 70 each in Mikkeller & Friends, in my opinion. We walked a bit through the vicinity, took a bus to see the Illum and Nyhavn and another bus back to an erythrean restaurant, Zula. 2 beers and too much delicious food was 330.

Back in the hotel, we fell again almost instantly asleep!


  • Breakfast: 234dkk
  • Supermarkets: 152dkk
  • Beers: 20dkk
  • Dinner: 330dkk
Breakfast @Mad & Kaffe
The view from the top of the black diamond
The black diamond from the boat
The church next to Kastellet is fairytailish
The genetically modified little mermaid
The little mermaid. The famous one.
Drifting through the playground
Nyhavn by night


We walked to Fisketorvet, where we got some breakfast in the supermarket and coffee at McDonalds.

Then we took a boat to Christianshavn. First short stop: Christians Kirke, where they were coming out of a baptism. Second stop: Vor Frelsers Kirke. It was so full of people we decided to skip going to the top, although we thought it could have been cool. We went to Christiania, walked, sat, drink beers. Nothing else (if you know what I mean) since we didn't have that much time before our flight and... well, we didn't want to risk missing it. 

Walked out next to Noma, which was closed. Not that we would have been able to get a table, nor wanted to pay for it. Reffen closed, too, and La Banchina, this small cafe with a sauna and naked girls swiming around, super full. So we got into a boat to Nyhavn (aaaand the googlemaps location for the stop is wrong, just as info), and got a couple hot dogs. We went to the Lego shop but it was SO full we went out super fast. With little time left, we bought some snacks for our way in a supermarket, and got into a train to the airport (that google maps didn't know about) a bit too soon. But since we are like we are, we ended up having to hurry up to catch our plane after being lazy for an hour ^^


  • Breakfast and coffee: 70dkk
  • Hot dogs: 76dkk
  • Snacks: 36dkk
  • Airport drinks: 45dkk
Vor Frelsers Kirche
Wonderland in Christiania
View from the lake
Noma. It is supposed to be expensive but looks... like this.
Published: 30 March 2019, by susana

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This time was my turn to make a trip out of a birthday present, so Alex got a cheeky weekend trip to Copenhagen (including a lame codepen to tell him! If curious, it's here).

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