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Sunny and cheerful east fjords


After the end of the world weather from the previous day, and the two previous nights freezing, the night inside the small Polo was pretty perfect, as funny as it may sound. We woke up with the sun, and notice a camper van and another car in the parking lot. We didn't know if they were there when we arrived or came later. Yes, it was that foggy. We enjoy a small walk around the area, breakfast, and search for a pool in a nearby village. It was just what we need: a warm shower, and a relaxing place where we can swim a bit and relax. After that we feel like persons again and happily jump inside the car to drive through the East fjords. As far as we know, there is nothing really famous in the area, but everything is stunningly beautiful: the road has amazing views, there are (no surprises here) lots of waterfalls and some turf houses (and cottages).

We spend the day stopping in every pretty place we see, enjoying the lunch under the sun. We found another Bonus supermarket to stock up, and pretty spontaneously decided it might be nice to ride a horse (something we wanted to do anyway) with that amazing weather. After a quick online search, Alex called a ranch in the area, Stóri-Bakki, and quickly arranged something for the late afternoon. We had a two hour tour with a young german woman guide. The horses were really friendly, we saw a small church inside a turf house and the views under the sunset sun were the perfect ending for the day.

For dinner, we stopped to cook in a parking were there was yet another waterfall, and kept driving but ended up stopping in another parking to sleep in the car.

Small storage place
Everything is green
Icelandic horses are so friendly
Published: 27 February 2018, by susana

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After preparing our vacation to Croatia, they day we were going to book things saw cheap direct flights from Dresden to Reykjavik. So we spontaneusly booked them and changed plans. The only things we got in advance: the first night hotel and a car for 10 days, with the idea of driving and camping around the Ring road.

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