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After all the ice, the fire: the volcanic area


After the sunny day we got a little bit sad seeing the clouds and rain when we woke up. Luckily, Iceland looks great in any weather! Like every day, we started soon after breakfast and made our way to Dettifoss and Selfoss, another two massive waterfalls. We went back to the car wet again, (for whatever reason, our jackets started getting wet sooner after the day it rained that much) and drove to the Krafla area, where we walked around through the lava fields and got instantly dry, since it was so windy, although it looked magical. Then we got to the Víti crater and lake and walked around it, enjoying the view and getting our shoes unbelievably full of mud, since after the rain all that area looked like a mud pool. We took a bit of time trying to remove as much dirt as possible of our shoes before getting in the car again, and while driving back to the main road, we stopped at what I thought I saw from the road when driving in the first time: a shower in the middle of the nothing. Literally, a warm shower coming from the earth. It was fun, and a great way to remove the rest of dirt from our shoes... 

A couple minutes away, we saw Hverir, a geotermal field, filled with fumaroles, and hot springs. We did NOT want to take another walk, but one step led to another and we ended on the top of the mountain next to it, Námafjall, with great views over all the area and the lake Mývatn. Next we stopped in the small Grjótagjá cave, where Jon Snow learned something, if you know what I mean. If there were not so many people, and the water was not too hot to be able to go inside, I would have seen the appeal to it... We were so tired, hungry and cold, that we went to a cafe next to the lake to eat something, get warm and... since we had wifi, we downloaded the season finale of the seventh season of GoT, which was the previous night! There was no better place to see it that in our car before falling asleep in parking, after briefly checking Godafoss when it was almost pitch dark.

Víti crater, totally worth the muddy shoes
A shower. There. I coudn't believe my eyes when I first saw it from the road
Views of the geotermal area from the top


We woke up, and a car was parked next to us. A young American woman came out of it to tell us she was sorry for the car alarm going off when she went to the bathroom and coudn't believe us when we told her we didn't hear it. That's how great we slept in the tiny car after all the walking.

We went back to check again Godafoss during the day, and drove to the second biggest city in Iceland, Akureyri. Our first stop was the pool, that appart from the expected hot pots, had a sauna, and water slides. Waterslides with warm water. How cool is that? Then we walked around the city seeing its church and the botanical garden. We kept driving to the north and around the Vatnsnes peninsula. We saw the statue that looks like a dinosaur, Hvítserkur and lots of seals. Following the road we found a bunch of friendly horses, and another seal spot, where we saw the sunset while watching them chill and swim.

We stopped in camping to make dinner but still slept in car.

The cool cafe in the botanical garden of Akureyri
That is the rock that is supposed to look like a dinosaur
Watching the sunset and the seals (excuse my lack of zoom in the camera)
Published: 27 February 2018, by susana

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After preparing our vacation to Croatia, they day we were going to book things saw cheap direct flights from Dresden to Reykjavik. So we spontaneusly booked them and changed plans. The only things we got in advance: the first night hotel and a car for 10 days, with the idea of driving and camping around the Ring road.

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