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The area that summarizes the hole island


We used the full day to drive around Snæfellsnes Peninsula, which has a little bit of everything Iceland has.

Before starting, after breakfast, we decided to try to make our drone work, since we got a couple emails with troubleshooting suggestions. And it worked. Happy as kids with a new toy we kept going and stopped next to some waterfalls to try to get some nice shots. We took a couple pictures, made sure it had the correct height, activated the follow me mode and... crashed to the floor. Without anything else, straight down. This time was the end of it.

We saw Kikjufell, the mountain that looks like a hat, walked along a beach, went to the top of a crater, awed at the glacier Snæfellsjökull from the car, and took a nice walk along the sea. All in all, it was nice, but felt like we could have used the time somewhere else, after seeing everything else. Then we helped some french women to put gas in their car (they had problems finding how to open the gas tank) and went to a forest, where we decided to stay to sleep for the night. Yes, in the car, because it was cold.

The mountain that looks like a hat. Reminds me of The Little Prince, looks like a snake eating an elephant
Top of a crater
View of the coast


We wake up and, again, it's raining. But since we know the weather here can change in minutes, we decide to keep our plan to hike to the Glymur waterfall. When we arrived to the parking, the weather is actually nice. The way up is extremely funny, and includes crossing a river walking on top of a log. The views are incredible. To go back, though, we had to cross the river. Which was not so deep, but we had to remove or shoes and the water was reaaaaaally cold. Our plan was to go the long easy way down, but missed the turn and took the short, but difficult one. I wondered many times if it was actually the way. We ended up with some Spanish people, one of them terrified of the way, an American couple, and talked briefly with a German couple that were sure the path was that way. I didn't enjoy it as much as I would have, since my ankle performed fine the rest of the trip, but was not totally healed from an injury, and that was too much and had to wear my ankle brace.

Once down we were tired, sweaty and hungry, so we went directly to our hostel in Reykjavik. Finally we would sleep in a bed! We showered, made something to eat, walked a bit around the area our hostel was and came back to have some drinks and sleep.

Taking a break is always good
One of the views getting up
All the way at the top


Reykjavik was a nice place to walk around: the first thing we went to see was its famous church, Hallgrímskirkja. Then we walked around, checking some shops and saw the impressive concert hall, Harpa, and wander around the city center. Then we went back to our hostel to make lunch and get our swimsuit and go to Nauthólsvík Beach... but checked the timetable and it was already closed. We walk in its direction to see a park and the university, and then take the car to go to another park a little further away, were there are lots of black bunnies! Back to the hostel we cook dinner and some leftovers for the next day, and enjoy some drinks before going to sleep.

That is a singular church, indeed
Just a troll in the street
The Harpa, with its facade resembling fish scales


For our last day we wanted to hike the Mount Esja, close to Reykjavik and supposed to have nice views. After breakfast and check out, we went there, and happily started. When we were half way up, it started a crazy storm: lots of rain, wind that made walking difficult. So we had to go, wet and cold. Since we didn't know what else to do with that weather, we went to a pool, which helped us get warm. By the time we went out, the weather was ok again, and went to Reykjavik. We had a hot dog, went to the visit the town hall, and made us some lunch in a park. Then, before returning the car to the airport and fly home, since we still had time, we went to see the Bridge between continents, which was ok, but not a must see!

Published: 27 February 2018, by susana

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After preparing our vacation to Croatia, they day we were going to book things saw cheap direct flights from Dresden to Reykjavik. So we spontaneusly booked them and changed plans. The only things we got in advance: the first night hotel and a car for 10 days, with the idea of driving and camping around the Ring road.

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