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The long flight to the country of the rising sun


I could barely sleep, as excited as I was. At 6 I was already browsing my phone, and at 7 I heard Alex coughing. His cold was still going strong, but I was 99% fine! I made some tea, breakfast, we packed, organized... and went to the office so Alex could close a couple pending things. Meanwhile, I printed infos we might need and, before we knew, was time to get the S-Bahn to the airport. We bought a couple sandwiches and waited for our 20 minute delayed plane. The smallest in the world, maybe. 4 sites per row, tiny stairs to  go inside, semi empty. They gave us a pickup when going inside, and the captain was a woman. Enough to make me happy in the first flight Dresden-Munich.

We had a short wait in Munich, where Alex worked. Boarding was super fast, and we where almost at the end of the plane with a 3 seat row for the 2 of us. Soon, they gave us the dinner menu, which included the menu writen in Japanese: I did not get a single word! 3 months learning Japanese for at least 30min a day for that... Thank god for the English and German versions. Dinner was nice, with sushi, salad and some beef, and thought it was international enough until I saw a Japanese woman biting the butter and looking puzzled around. After dinner, they handed out the forms for customs and I overheard an old Spanish couple sitting in front of Alex having trouble communicating with the stewaredesses, since none spoke spanish, so I helped them. They were wonderful, visiting their granddaughter and even offered me to stay at their place in Mallorca if we wanted. I unsuccessfully tried to sleep, so I watched Bohemian Rhapsody and a bit of Aquaman before Alex called me out because we wanted to see that together. Oopsi.

I didn't learn enough to understand the menu
Published: 28 July 2019, by susana

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It was Alex's birthday. And I got a notification: one of the flights you are following is cheaper than ever. Dresden - Osaka, Tokyo - Dresden. Comfortable, cheap, and with a nice airline? Buy first, think later! So as it happens, our first experience in Japan had to be during raining season! Which, was amazing (we might have been super lucky with the weather, though!)

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