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Back to Herceg Novi before the long way back


I woke up with the sunrise and went shortly out. The lake was all misty and the views were amazing again. We inside the car until the sun warmed enough to go outside for breakfast. We took enough time to chill, enjoy and assess Alex's ankle, which was not as bad. We drove to Herceg Novi, and there it took, like always in Montenegro, some time fo find our accommodation, Vuksanovic Apartment. It was located 148 steps and a couple meters away from the beach, central, with parking and perfect for 20€. We did some shopping, got a couple beers and burgers in Tri Lipe, and went to thebeach. We totally relaxed there with a couple more beers until sunset, when we walked towards our place to get my moskito spray and soemthing more to drink before seating by the sea enjoying our last night in Montenegro. When it was dark, we went to our accommodation and whad some wine in the terrace waiting to get hungry before going to Pic Nic to have dinner. Pizzas were so big there, we ended up taking half home!
Total: 109.51
Refuel: 35
Shopping: 15.31
Accommodation: 20
Beers: 2.20
Burger: 5
Beer at the beach: 5
Dinner: 17

The mist!
Wild wild camp.
Part of the Kotor bay. Again!


Our last summer day began with breakfast in our terrace, featuring, but not limited to, pizza leftovers. After enjoying some sun we started driving towards Croatia, but suddenly realize we didn't have presents and thought a Voli would have been a dreat idea. And for the n-th time in the holiday, we said, "Are we lucky!" when we saw a not just a Voli, but a Voli Hypermarkt 600m later. We spent 37# in basically cookies and wine. Oh, well.
This time we had to wait around 45 minutes at the border, so we ditched our plan to drive 7h for less than 4 to arrive to Drasnice with light (and sleep in Tobi's place we saw the first day). We had a wonderful afternoon there, swimming, eating ham (without wasps would have been better, though!) and drinking what it instantly became our summer drink: white whine, berry juice and sparkling water. Yes, fancy.
A spanich couple arrived to the parking place with a camper, and stressed me a bit because since we were there, a couple comments appeared in park4night about an angry lady claming it was a private spot and kicking them out. The couple were nice, though, and discreet. After sunset, we asked Tobi for a restaurant recommendation and he told us to go to "Puntin". In our way there, we saw a boat with a man singing a sad song arriving to port, where people released lanterns to the sky. We asked the waitress, and she explained a neighbour died of cancer last winter and the village was doing that on her birthday.
We had a plate of scampis, another of grilled squid, palacinken with ice cream, 2 beers and a big water for 44€. Then we walked back to our car and found the spanish couple siting outside. They told us they waited for us for a bit to share wine and ham with us but we arrived too late! That was lovely, and offered milk and cookies for breakfast. Then we went into our cars and way a woman snooping around from the inside, but she didn't dar to knock to say anything, phew!
Total: 81
Shop: 37
Dinner: 44

Drasnice. Small, but beautiful.
Excuse my obsession with sunsets.
Alex throwing stones at the sea.
Published: 28 September 2018, by susana

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Summer 2018 was great in Germany, so great we never wanted it to end. So when in September the cold days arrived, we drove all the way to Montenegro (and shortly visited Dranice and Dubrovnik) to spend two weeks driving around. We prepared our car well enough so it was our home most of the time for those two weeks.

Entry 7 out of the 8 from this trip

September 2018