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Skadar Lake: so big the other side fades away


We had to move the car next to a wall to shelter us from the wind that woke us up at 5am, but except for that we slept fine and woke up with the sun. Our initial plan was to have breakfast there, but it was so windy we decided to take the road down directly to... the parking at the abandoned hotel we were the previous day! Alex swam at the beach next to it and had breakfast in the parking. Then we planned a bit where to go next and at 10:30 we were already on the road towards Lake Skadar. On our way, we drive through a reaaaally long tunnel, the only paid road in Montenegro. We took the road along the lake from Virpazar (where you can arrange boat tours, but we didn't) until Murici, since we read there was a beach there and it was the only way to swim in the lake. As they say, happiness was the road , not the destination, as the beach itself was just ok. In the village there were a hotel and a restaurant that we didn't find appealing, so after swimming a bit, we went away, mainly because a creepy dude taking care of the parking was killing time staring at us. Back at Virpazar we had a good fish and calamary lunch at a place called "Konoba Basta", and in a map next to it we discovered there is actually another beach way closer to Virpazar in case someone doesn't want to drive, Pjesacac! 
After lunch, we visited Besac Castle (1€ entrance) and went shopping before driving to a nice spot at the other side of the lake for the night. When we arrived, there was already a small bus there with two german girls, with whom we drank and had a nice conversation before sleeping.
Total spent: 44.10
Tunnel: 2.50
Lunch: 28
Castle: 2
Supermarket: 11.60

The other side of the lake is barely visible!
Loads of boat tours start from Virpazar.
The top of Besac Castle.
Published: 28 September 2018, by susana

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Summer 2018 was great in Germany, so great we never wanted it to end. So when in September the cold days arrived, we drove all the way to Montenegro (and shortly visited Dranice and Dubrovnik) to spend two weeks driving around. We prepared our car well enough so it was our home most of the time for those two weeks.

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September 2018