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From Budva to Petrovac: sun, fun and... urban exploration


We woke up soon freezing, and decided to go somewhere else for breakfast, buuut the car key fell somewhere inside the car and took us a solid half an hour to find it, while several shepards from the area walked next to us looking not so happy to see us there. We took the road to Budva and from it I saw what it looked like an abandoned fortress, so there we went! After scratching the car a little and a short walk, we arrived to the Kosmac Fort. Now we know we should have left the car at the end of the last village and walk there, don't trust google maps! A couple other cars arrived there at the same time but left shortly after, but with the gorgeous views over the Adriatic, from Sveti Stefan to Budva, we decided to get our chairs from the car and have a relaxed breakfast there, eating the ham we bought the day before. From there we drove to Jaz Beach, which has a massive free and messy parking space used by camping by many (but we didn't find it appealing). On the way, I saw on google maps yet another abandoned fortress right between Jaz Beach and Budva, the Mogren Fortress, but we missed the entrance to it, so decided to check it later. We laid in the sundecks from the Poseidon hotel (10€ total), where we ordered a beer too (2.5€) and chilled, swam, snorkeled and enjoyed the weird hammocs-in-the-water I had never seen before.
We booked a cheap apartment in Budva, Orchidea apartments, and took a while to find them because, surprise, Google Maps showed them in the wrong place. After a nice long shower and cleaning some clothes, we decided to go to the fortress for sunset. First, we missed the entrance (again!) and then we doubted if our car would make it up the curb, so we drove past it and parked in the "Vista" parking. From it, it was just a 15 minutes walk. We ended up missing the sunset, but we didn't mind since it was a bit cloudy. There were several groups but still enough space to enjoy the views and sky colours at peace. We drove back to our place to leave the car there and walked towards the old town, stopping to get things at a bakery, a gyros and a beer, strolling through the market and the party area. Just before the walls Alex got an ice cream, but it didn't prepare him for the old town: objectively prettier than Kotor, has none of its charm. Fully renovated, full of bright lights and loud music, killed the magic for us. So after a fas look around we went out to find a supermarket and went back to our place to sleep.
Total spent: 57.41€
Sundecks: 10€
Beer: 2.50€
Apartment: 22€
Bakery: 3.30
Gyros and beer: 4.50
Ice cream: 1
Supermarket: 14.11

Nature reclaiming what is once hers.
Breakfast with a view from the Kosmac Fort.
Mogren Fortress after sunset.


We got up, had breakfast and decided to extend our stay one more night and be able to be a bit lazy. We walked to the old town, where we met Veit in his hostel, with Elsie, who was visiting. After some chat, coffee and rest, Veit put up an "island group": us, 2 american girls and a girl from town. After shopping for food and drinks, and ordering dinner (filled mussels) from a guy Veit knows, we took a boat to Sveti Nicola, to one of the side empty beaches. There we swam, drank, chilled and waited for the beautiful sunset, that included the spectacle of thousands of swallows returning to their nests. After the boat picked us up and returned us to Budva, we went to Veit's hostel to have our fantastic dinner. No one know when or how, Alex ended up pretty drunk asking for salsa lessons and talking for 20 minutes about how the sign that means delicious or OK in some countries, means "you are an asshole" in others. After a short walk in the walls, we said goodbye and in our way home we bought some milk and a really not so tasty burek. 
Total spent: 63.40€
Room: 20 (he didn't have change!)
Shopping 16.20
Dinner: 15 (for about 30 mussels!)
Boat: 10
Milk: 1
Burek: 1.20

On our way to Sveti Nicola.
Sunset from a deserted beach.
The night coming to the island.


I woke up, showered and had breakfast while Alex... well, showered and tried to articulate full sentences. With such a hungover, we decided that the best we could do was go to Jaz Beach, we we stayed again in the Poseidon sundecks (after a short lying in the stones experience) until 3. Then we drove south, stopping to take pictures of Sveti Stefan, until Petrovac. We parked there and hiked through the tunnels until the abandoned hotel. The hotel itself was not great, just a giant abandoned construction site, but the path itself was worth it. Once back, we stoped at the Voli supermarket, which was a bit more expensive than other but had great stuff, and got drinks, breakfast and dinner. Then we drove to a spot in par4night just on the beach but it was right next to a house and we found that not good, so we moved back to a big parking platform where we had dinner watching sunset under a really light rain.
Total spent: 33.50
Poseidon sundecks: 10
Parking: 2
Shopping: 21.50

Sveti Stefan, probably one of the most photographed 5 star hotels!
If you like churches on small islands, Montenegro is your place.
View from our dinner and sleeping spot.
Published: 28 September 2018, by susana

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Summer 2018 was great in Germany, so great we never wanted it to end. So when in September the cold days arrived, we drove all the way to Montenegro (and shortly visited Dranice and Dubrovnik) to spend two weeks driving around. We prepared our car well enough so it was our home most of the time for those two weeks.

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September 2018