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Driving from Dresden to Dubrovnik: 1500km in a day and a half


We start the trip from Dresden after lunch and buying some snacks in Lidl. Since we have a vignette for the Czech Republic, we decide to drive all the way to Mikulov, and then to Zagreb avoiding tolls. In the end, at around 11 we give up and stop to sleep in the side of a small road in Austria.
Total spent: 0€


After sleeping better than expected (once I managed to fall asleep...) I wake up at 6to the dinging sound of a nearby level crossing, and I keep driving while Alex sleeps a bit longer. We have to drive through secondary roads in Hungary, and Alex soon asks to change because my driving makes him sick xD. For breakfast, we stop in a Tesco and stock in lots of backery things that are not so great. We keep driving, and once in Croatia we start using paid roads. There, we find a nice parking lot with views to a valley and make a stop to eat something. After Split we decide to follow the coast road, that is free and has WONDERFUL views and goes through lots of small villages. Since we are so happy from seeing the sea, we search in park4night a place to stop near the water for free for a quick swim. I find a cool place in Drasnice and THEN I see it was added by Tobi! Talk about coincidence :) After swimming we keep driving until near Dubrovnik and have a really nice dinner in a restaurant called Rosa Bianca. After it, we are so tired we don't really want to search for anything better, and sleep in the car almost in front of it.
Total spent: 101€
Tesco: 16€
Refuel: 25€
Croatia tolls: 35€
Dinner: 25€

Stop to stretch the legs somewhere in Croatia
Drasnice was our first small stop in the sea
Always leave a place better than you found it!
Published: 28 September 2018, by susana

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Summer 2018 was great in Germany, so great we never wanted it to end. So when in September the cold days arrived, we drove all the way to Montenegro (and shortly visited Dranice and Dubrovnik) to spend two weeks driving around. We prepared our car well enough so it was our home most of the time for those two weeks.

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September 2018