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A long drive back to Kathmandu & temple hopping


Alex's PCR result was there wen we woke up, phew! We packed and wanted to get some sandwiches at Sheela's, but it was closed, so we went to Hot Sandwich 24, at the beginning of our street. It took long for them to prepare it. Alex went to our room to make himself ready, then we changed places, and I put our bags down and into our taxi as he came with the sandwiches. We went to the bus station (where we could finally see the mountains from Pokhara!!) and started our long ride, from 7:30 to 16:00. We made 3 stops and saw a goat on top of a bus, but it was otherwise... boring. And our sandwiches were lame.

Goat on a bus.
Goat on a bus.

When we came down the bus we decided to walk the 25 minutes to our place, and on the way we met the Latvian couple and spoke a bit with them. We checked in, got coffee and cake in the Himalayan Java CafĂ©, and then went to the Bagaan Thakali Kitchen. Alex got a bread and momo set, and I got a gravy Dhido. The cook came out to explain me how to eat it (it was like a Dal Bhat with porridge instead of rice) , and she even told me if I didn't like it she would bring me some rice. But I really liked it. Nice food, nice people.

Then, Alex was very tired already, so we went back to the hotel to Netflix and sleep.

First time seeing the Himalayas from Pokhara, when already leaving
The tourist bus station
Goats have to travel, too


So, after showers, etc, we arrived at the French Creperie at 8:30, when they are supposed to open at 8, and it was closed. Ok. We tried for the last time. Alex saw a bakery and wanted to "try a pastry and go", but he got a sandwich to go and a cinnamon roll. I tried a choco banana muffin and it was tasteless. So we went to the Thamel House, a hotel with a nice patio, and I got breakfast there. Then we went to Ratna Park to get a bus to Pasupatinath, where we decided together the day before we wanted to go. But on the way Alex told me to "choose what we do", now, when what I wanted to do the day before was going to Patan to enjoy the day there instead of Thamel. Whatever.

It took some asking around, but we found our bus. 50 Rupees for both of us. Soooo cheap. I think going there + the bus ride in the crazy streets + walking from the stop to the temple was actually slower than if we would have walked the whole way, though. Lol.

We came inside Pasupatinath and immediately had to pay 1k, got warned we cannot enter the main temple because we are foreigners and a guy started guiding us around. Alex asked him if he would want money afterwards, and how much, and he said most people give him 1k. His English was great and the explanations were interesting, so we agreed. He showed us where the poor, normal, VIP and VVIP people get cremated, where there are cleaned and purified before and many more things. He and some others tried to sell us stuff pretty pushy, but after 5 minutes they gave up. And so we could finally walk aound and sit and watch how tey prepare the dead.

After some while (and a tea) we wanted to go to the Boudha Stupa so we walked there through the deer park, several Hindu weddings and a quieter neighbourhood. There, we walked a bit around the Stupa and had lunch in a rooftop next to it, and then a coffee in "La casita", a spanish restaurant with the cutest rooftop, too. We made a couple more rounds and went to find a bus back.

Then we walked a bit in Thamel until I got tired, had a coffee and bought a couple cakes to go in the meh bakery from this morning. We went back to the hotel to ask if we could pay by card, and since we couldn't we exchanged a bit of money (and I found a bit more on the floor, hihi). Then we went to a Naan place for dinner and even got some extra for the next day. There, we saw a guy we had met in Bob Marley, and we chatted a bit before going back.

Pasupatinath's pyres
Body arriving, body being cleansed, and a pyre
Boudha Stupa
People walking around the stupa


We woke up at 6, finished packing and went out to the main street. Alex said in the Taxi stop "we need a ride for the airport for 600 rupees", and got a volunteer immediately,

The airport felt like chaos already so soon! There were different lines, first you had to go to the "PCR check counter" to get a stamp on it. Then in the line to go inside the airport. Then, check in. If you had a boarding pass, you would get a stamp in the next door. We got a coffee and cookies with our last ruppees and had breakfast before going to security check, ladies and gents in different queues. And got another stamp. 

Then we just patiently waited for a flight, very uneventful. In Dubai, this time we had to go to the coolest terminal, where we lounged around and got a happy meal in McDonalds, the best deal in that airport by far! And so, our Nepal adventure came to an end arriving in Prague and taking a train the next morning back home.

Published: 17 January 2022, by susana

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