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The adventurous way... through burocrazy


We woke up, had breakfast and finished packing. Then we went to the office, where Alex finished a couple things and I spent hoooours (not joking) filling papers, making document copies and double checking we had everything. After lunch, we made our way to get the train. And it was 40 minutes late. So we had time to go back to the office before catching it, for real. We sat in a compartment with a guy that got down still in Dresden and had it to ourselves. The adjacent one had 4 very drunk guys celebrating one of them's birthday, and reminded me of ourselves for my birthday 6 years ago. We arrived in Prag, went out the station and into Meet Beer, to have some goulash for Alex, pork belly for me, and 2 beers. Then we run trying to get the train to the airport at 7... Just to find out it was a bus going from a completely different place and the ticket we bought was for nothing. Lol.

Still arrived to the check in counter 2 hours in advance, where the people were taking forever and we asked ourselves how that could be. We were about to find out. The lady working there asked for all the papers required for the visa on arrival (which we had) and proceeded to tell us "you need a visa, you don't have one, so you can't fly". We told her we could get one on arrival and showed her the Flydubai website, the Nepal embassy (!!), ausw√§rtiges Amt, everywhere saying we could... And still nothing. She called her superior, we went to her and still the same. They were VERY rude to us and made us wait while they checked again and again those websites, called and email people. 2 minutes before check in closed they said the Spanish passport was allowed but the German not. We insisted. The counters closed and all but one guy and the boss went away. I was histerical, half crying. 15 minutes after check in closed, they got the answer that we already knew: we both can. So they checked us in and we rushed through an empty airport to our gate, where we got into the plane. Not a single sorry, much less any kind of upgrade, nothing! The perfect last thing: we had no water (no time for refills!), and we had dinner included, but with just a small water glass and drink prices were just crazy. You even had to pay to see anything or use any of the games of the screen on board... And that was just the first flight. Travelling in Corona times. Wonderful. Fly dubai sucks.

Published: 17 January 2022, by susana

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In the after still during Covid times, we decided to go to the usually overcrowded Annapurna Circuit to do our first multi day trekking on our own!

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