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New York


After working, packing and sleeping about two hours, we woke up to get the bus to Berlin, and from there to Tegel airport, where we checked in almost inmediatly and got through security check really fast. Pro tip: In the airport they're extra nice if you have a bandage in your hand :)

The plane, from Air Berlin, looked tiny compared to the ones from Qatar Airways! But the crew where really nice, and they gave every hour and a half snacks, drinks and food. After 9 hours of eating, half sleeping, working, watching TBBT and playing quiz tests (I almost always won! ha!) we arrived to the cloudiest, rainiest, foggiest place in the world: JFK!

The line to go through customs was almost 2 hours long, but no problematic at all (tough guy there told us "you said you have food... just say no"). Then we took the air train to the subway A, the express line to Almu's house. That took about... another 90 minutes. So landing at 4 local time we arrived (after a short stop to buy lame supermarket wine) at 8. There we ate all the spanish things Almu had and cooked (serrano, chistorra, tortilla de patatas) and Adrian joined after work. It was a really nice short evening of conversation and NY tips!


We had Donuts that Almu bought for us for breakfast and went to the subway with Adrian, until close to the National History Museum.

It was so foggy we were not able to see the skyscrapers from the tenth floor onwards!

There we got some money and bought water to get small bills to pay little for the museum (which is "pay what you wish"). We got confused and went inside the wrong one just next to it (and we noticed when they wanted us to pay. Jet lag really gets the worst in us). We spent the morning walking inside and being as excited as the kids there, and when we got hungry Yelp recommended a Shake Shak, where burgers are... small for the price.

Since the weather was still that awful, we went shoping to Century 21, which was not that succesful and then we had dinner at Beekmans bar (a beer and a burger 25€ each).

Mandatory picture with a school bus
Christmas dinosaur tree.
The One world getting lost in the fog.


Weather was finally good, so we planned to make a big walking tour around Soho, Little Italy and Chinatown in the morning, and go to the top of the One World Trade center in the evening.

First stop after the metro was, by Almudena's recommendation, Roccos pattiserie. She meant they have great cannolis there, so we got a couple of them with two coffees and sat there for a while. In the nearest table there were two italian guys having breakfast, and suddenly one of them ran to the door. Then we saw him helping an elder man coming out of a taxi to buy something there. When the old man finished shopping, he helped him go inside the taxi too, and his friend told me (while you were in the bathroom) that he "always does those kind of things, he helps everyone, and when you are alone with him that implies that he may run away when you are in the middle of a sentence".

Then we walked the Soho, saw some shops, including the Moma shop with cool stuff and the Housing Works Book shop, full with weird people. We kept walking throught Little Italy and continued to Chinatown, were we headed to Joe's Shangai, another recommendation from Almu, to have lunch. There we tried the delicious soup dumplings (among the immense amout of food we ordered) sitting next to a typical american couple who felt obligued to small talk to us. After lunch we walked in the One World direction, and in our ay we saw a square full of chinese people singing and playing cards (after observing them shortly, we arrived to the conclusion that the one throwing harder the cards against the table was the one winning).

Then we saw the Calatrava subway station, took some selfies there and around the OWTC, and went inside. It starts in the underground floor, seeing the building's foundations, and go inside the Sky pods, the super fast elevators with a short movie. Then, once up, you see another couple images, and the screen opens, letting you see the view for the first time. Impressive... We chilled there for 2 hours, got our 2 shakers and cocktails included with the CyberMonday tickets we had (vanilla rum and cinnamon whiskey), and felt great. Then we went down to the mall just in front, where there was a small light show, some girls ice skating, and we got some funny pictures.

After that we still felt great enough to stop with the subway in Times Square, which in first impression was... packed with people. Same with the Rockefeller, with its Christmas tree, and the shops around.

When we started feeling the cold and our feet tired, we went home and ate our chinese leftovers!


Today Almu didn't have to work so she joined us! fter breakfast, we went to see the Opera building, Columbus circle, and walke through Central Park to the Plaza, were we went to the Food Court and ordered a 10$ piece af awesome 20-layers-crep-and-green-tea-cream cake.

Then we started walking the Fifth avenue, sptoping at Apple, Tiffanis and Victoria's Secret, were we saw an angel. We then walked to Grand Central Station and ate in the basement a fried oyster sandwich, which was my sister Laura's great recommendation. After that, we visited the Public Library, got a coffe and a small walk there, and went out to see Bryant Park, with its Christmas tree with perfect balls for pictures :).

Almu had to go to a party at his uni, and we went to the Moma since Fridays is free. B to the O to the Ring. Hungry, we got something to eat at a food truck and went to Times Square to the TKTS to get some offer for a musical. So late and a Friday, Broadway was too expensive, so we got for 50$ each tickets to an off-broadway funny musical, "Newsical". Tired as hell when it was over, we went home!

Still autumn feeling in Central park
The busy Grand Central
Chistmas balls in Bryant Park


Saturday. So them both, Adrian and Almu joined us today! We started at the Chelsea Market, walked part of the High Lane and got a doughnut in the Doughnut factory. Then we walked to the Flat Iron, were there were some hammocks great to observe it and to take funny pictures. Laughed a bit in the Sex museum shop and had a brunch that Almu got in a Groupon.

We went then to the Wicked Broadway lottery, were we met one of Almu's coworkers, and they both won! So Almu gave us her tickets, she went with her friend, and poor Adrian went home. The 1st half was perfect, and the 2nd great but felt a bit long and superfluous (and the couple next to me were talking and... touching each other. yuks).

Then we went home and fancy us got a Domino's pizza and some wine! But Adrian didn't want to join.

Walking the High lane in the sun
Hammock installation in front of the flat iron
Flat iron, blue sky


Adrian and Almu joined us today again! We walked the Brooklin Bridge, Dumbo area and the promenade, enjoying the views from Manhattan. We got another burger at Shake Shak (this time with fries and a shake, since now we knew it was small!). We then got a coffee and walked a bit more through Brooklin and back to Manhattan.

Then they went home and we went to Williamsburg, where in the beginning we wanted to go all together to a jazz concert. The two of us alone thought the place was a bit posh, so walked around and ended up going inside the Delirium (like the one in Belgium), were there was live Blues music, and we payed 40$ for 4 beers... at least they were strong! So we got our drunky asses to a Mc Donalds to get a couple cheap cheeseburgers and then went back home.

Brooklin bridge with Almu
Be silly or go home
We are oh so original taking this picture


Almu and Adrián were very excited about us seeing the Liberty Statue, but we weren't. So we told them we would go, but instead we first stopped to see Columbia University and then we took the ferry to Staten Island. For us, was enough to see Lady Liberty from there.

Then we went back to Manhattan, did a small stop for a burger and went to Central park for the sunset. After that, we went to the 5th, and made a stop in the Microsoft shop, where Alex tried a driving game with the Oculus rift, and I tried the Vive. Then I shopped my heart out in Victorias Secret, wanting to spend 92$, but they told me Adriana Lima was in the shop and if I spend 100, I could go up and see her, so I got some panties for it but when we tried to go up, it was too late. So we couldn't see her.

Then we went to the Nintendo Store, where we wanted to try and buy the Nintendo Classic Mini because Make (another school friend) wanted it and asked Almu because in Spain it was sold out and.... surprise. It was sold out here too. So we went to a McDonalds to have wifi to call Almu, and we decided to meet for dinner at Stardust, which, I swear, counts as another Broadway show. But if we ever go again, we can skip the beer! Just water would have been waaaaaaaay cheaper.

I think all my university would have fitted inside just that building
Lady Liberty from the very free ferry
I could see this sunset at least 100 times more


The previous night Alex signed us up for the Lion King broadway online lottery and... we won! So the plan for the evening was already chosen :) In the morning we went to Washington square, fuuuull with squirrells, and thought about opening a pet shop called "Fluffies and Woofies". Then we went to the Strand library and ended up buying just some postcards. Then we walked a little bit through the upper east side (Lexington avenue), buy a couple things in a Tkmaxx and took the aerial tram to Roosevelt Island just because was included in the metro card and sounded funny. Then we wanted dumplings so we went back to Joeys to have lunch, and after that we chilled around Times Square until the Lion king started. We got the tickets from the last row upstairs, but even there it was really cool!

You can see it from so many places :)
The aerial tram has great views, and it's included in the Metro card


Aftre waking up we cancelled the Bronx idea and favoured Harlem instead. We walked there, were a guy started singing us "what a beautiful couple, welcome to Harlem". Got some stamps to send some postdards and walked to the Apollo theater. Then, walking on our way to the park, a guy came to us and said to Alex "fucking german nazy". Guess we met the two crazy guys from Harlem in less than 10 minutes.

In the park, after peeking in the map, a helpful lady told us to go to the garden, and then we went to the MET, where we mostly saw Egypt and the big rooms (and the massive Christmas tree). Hungry, we searched for food in Yelp and saw a "Deli" half an hour away from us, so we went there... just to realize it had no tables or whatsoever! So we had to be happy with a take away burger to eat on a bench. Then we went to have a coffee and write Almu, and decided to go have dinner at Lalo's. So in our way we crossed Central park again, seeing Alice in wonderland and Strawberry fields, and stopping shortly in a Century 21.

At Lalo's we 3 first have some sandwiches and then Adrian joins us for the cake, and after we walk a bit around the upper west side, meet a friend of them, check where Matt Damon lives, and get the subway back home.

Rainy Central park
The MET is massive. I would need at least a week inside.
Lalo's is as sweet as its cakes


After waking up, a shower and breakfast, we said goodbye to Almu and walked through their neighbourhood. Then we went back to pick our bags, and had luch with Adrian. We got a subway to the airport, where we checked in, waited a long time for the security check, and waited half an hour for the plane, hoping we will come back!

Published: 24 February 2018, by susana

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Almu, one of my best friends from school, happens to live in New York with her partner. When we visited them, they were nice enough to let us stay at their place and gave us lots of tips. 

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