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The hipe little town in the mountains


After barely sleeping, since my stomach was terrible for lunch the day before, we went to do the safari with the girl from Hong Kong from our place and a french woman that we picked up on our way.

Happily (almost, since I was still feeling weak and Alex's stomach was terrible) we headed up to Uda Walawe and... We had  to make a 2 hour queue to even get inside! Christmas week was not the wise choice for a safari! Luckily we saw a lot of elephants, but I did not enjoy the last portions since I needed to go to the bathroom and we had to wait until the tourist center! We then got droped off at our guest house, where we had breakfast and the host told us where to get the first bus we needed to go to Ella.

In the station in Wellawaya I got approached by a tuktuk driver who tried to convince us that the bus to Ella was not coming for another hour, but I saw it and we catched it. When we arrived to Ella we walked all the way up to our place and we really hated it: it smelled wet, the bed was actually wet, dirty bathroom with door that didn't close and no electricity. We decided to take a walk to find another place and eat something, and in our way there was nothing available.

Then we found some kind of festival, which reall y wasthe funeral of a Monk! And after asking a couple more places and eating we decided to just stay there the two nights. But after arriving we had no water, so Alex got really mad and told the guy he was not happy and didn't want to stay there. The host called someone and offered another place 14km away, so we just sucked it up and stayed the night.

Sleep: New Green View

Uda Walawe safari
The lake in Uda Walawe national park
Elephants are big but gentle animals!


We got up, packed our stuff and check out. The host asked me to cancel my booking on so I would not give him a bad review, and when I refused he said I didn't show up. Asshole.

We had to walk a bit around Ella but in the end Alex found a nice room for an ok price! We had some breakfast and chilled, took a shower, and worked a bit. Alex was bad mooded because everything was so busy that week, internet was not that fast and "work and travel doesn't work that great".

Then we went to Little Adam's peak, continued to the Nine arch bridge, saw a train crossing it by luck, and walked through the rails back, arriving in Ella's train station. We went to a bar to have some cocktails (mine was Arrack and ginger beer and its just GREAT) and had some dinner in a really small restaurant.

Sleep: Grand 39 (in a room that they don't offer online, a bit simpler, cheaper, and with own entrance)

Top of Little Adam's peak
Nine arch bridge


After getting up we stepped outside and our really nice host gave us an amazing breakfast. Then he told us it is kind of a known place for Germans because in a travel guide it's recommended for cooking classes, and we had no clue. Alex picked up our laundry and  started the Ella rock hike! We followed some online instructions, and after what it felt loooong and we arrived to the top around 12, the only time it was sunny, so we sweated buckets. The climb and the views itself were really nice. Going down I complained that there were no monkeys around and 5 minutes later a monkey family started crossing the railway around us!

Once in Ella, Alex decided to ask in every bar for beer prices and we came across the wine store of Ella. We ordered and sat there in a reaaaally shady place just with locals, and they even closed everything while we were still inside which was kind of spooky. Then we got some lunch in our favourite Rotti and Kotu place ever (called N2, now or never) and got a deserved shower and rest.

Afterwards we went out to find somewhere to have drinks and dinner, and we found a cool new spot. Then we went back to the guest house, and short after some other guests were locked outside screaming and hitting the door, and one even came inside our room (and runed away really ashamed when I said "Excuse me?")

Sleep: Grand 39 (in a room that they don't offer online, a bit simpler, cheaper, and with own entrance)

The beginning of the Ella rock path is along the train rails
Arriving to the top makes for a sweaty and funny hike
Looking interesting at the top of Ella rock
Published: 25 February 2018, by susana

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I travelled to Sri Lanka with Alex, and spent December 2017 and January 2018 there. We travelled with our laptops and worked in the afternoon and/or evening, so we had time to see a lot of places, but took it slow.

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