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Galle: not so pretty outside the fort


While packing we heard it was one of the hostel's guys birthday, so we sang him happy birthday and he gave us a piece of cake! The nice girl told us to go to the road and something we didn't quite understand with "10 minutes", so we walked about 10 minutes to a bus stop. Once in the bus I asked google and apparently non express buses sometimes can be stopped outside the stops. 

Once in Galle we took a tuktuk to our place and it really honored its name, "King's villa". Even the driver came inside to take a look! They gave us a welcome papaya juice and towels to refresh ourselves while they finished our room. Then we walked to the fort and ate some wraps since we were starving, but the beer was too expensive. Once out the fort, we checked a playground (where all the young couples seamed to be) and searched for an ATM. We didn't find one, but ended up walking home. Once at the villa we worked a bit, some friends of the family came, and they made juice for all of us, and invited us to cake. 

Then we went out for dinner to "Tokyo Ice", a small cafe run by a Japanese lady that told me she was there on vacation 2 years before for 5 days, the next year she came back to do some charity, and 6 months before came back to do more charity and ended up opening the cafe! It was the first time she spoke with someone from Spain, and was pretty excited about it. The others having dinner there, two women with two kids, asked me at one point "are you Christian?", and when I said yes went over the moon "we are christian too!" and told everyone that came after. After dinner (without gyozas, just on weekends) we went to buy water to a supermarket. We would have bought more, but the owner kept talking to us: He told me Alex was handsome and looked like a fighter, and seemed puzzled when we told him marriage is not a big thing in Europe anymore. Then we came back to the villa, where the owner lit a candle in the balcony so we could chill there.

Sleep: King's Villa

Yes, that's an old timer in the living room.
The outside of the fort is not that well taken care of.
Looking at the sea from the fort.


Breakfast was nice and a lot. The host came to us with something, which at first we understood as "Bentos", and then realized it was French Toast! We worked all morning, got some cheap fried rice nearby to eat, and Alex went inside the supermarket to buy himself an icecream. When the owner saw he was taking just one, came out running to tell me and had to explain I didn't want one. He approved our choice for eating, and told us "there is another shop, they are muslims, but the food is nice too."

We went back to the villa to work a bit more and the lady made us some amaing juice again. We took a bus to the fort, where a guy showed us the Black fort, the part built by the portuguese. Then we walked along the walls and saw the sunset, and it started raining a lot, so we sheltered ourselves and got have some drinks. After that, we bought some beers and food to take away, and went back to the villa to work and sleep.

Sleep: King's Villa

Alex casually walking to the lighthouse
Sunset from the fort


After breakfast and organizing that laundry, we went to take a walk to a "natural reserve" that showed in google maps. There was no natural reserve, but the temple on the top of the hill was beautiful, with nice views up to the see. When we arrived there a man came out and showed us the inside, which had really old paintings and statues and a gigantic totally unexpected laying buda. One of the ladies praying realized he was struggling to explain us things in English and came to help him and chat with us.

On our way down we had some ice and juice and went back to the villa to nap and work. Another guests, a German couple, arrived too, so we were not alone anymore! They went to the fort even if it started raining like crazy and Alex told them we'd meet them. An hour later, still raining, we went to the fort but they were on their way back. Alex was about to die falling in a hole that we couldn't see because it was so dark, but after dinner in an Indian restaurant the scare was already forgoten. The other couple got some beers, so we could drink something all toghether before going to sleep.

Sleep: King's Villa

Stairs to heaven. Well, to a temple.
Published: 24 February 2018, by susana

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I travelled to Sri Lanka with Alex, and spent December 2017 and January 2018 there. We travelled with our laptops and worked in the afternoon and/or evening, so we had time to see a lot of places, but took it slow.

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