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The little village surrounded by tea plantations


We went to the train station and FINALLY took a train in Sri Lanka! We sat at different doors and enjoyed the ride to Haputale.

We then walked 20 minutes to a place we saw on AirBnb and from the outside didn't look that great but the bedroom was perfect (when they finally showed it to us after we insisted! they didn't want to show us the one with balcony!), and Alex got it a bit cheaper.

We then walked back and through a tea plantation and arrived to a really poor area where 2 little kids ran to us screaming "PEN! PEN!". I thought I had none with me but Alex told me to look in my backpack, where I found the one to hold the screen and gave it to them saying "I'm sorry, I just have 1, you have to share". Alex then understood they didn't want to borrow it, and I felt sorry for having just one! In our way back another little girl asked us for a school pen and I had to tell her that we don't have anymore. Heart breaking.

We walked around to stock on ginger beer and arrack for NYE and started raining cats and dogs, so we went to the only café in town to have some looooooong lunch, dessert and tea. Then we tried to get a motorbike from a place someone recommended us, but it was closed. A local redirected us to the owner's other shop, but Alex was not happy with the price he was asking so we walked back to the hostel. Once there we asked the host for the motorcicle and he organizes it although looking annoyed. He explained we have to open the door a bit to go out in the morning, and we wenr to our room to have some arrack and work a bit.

Sleep: Lilly Guest Inn

Best seat in the train
Alex enjoying the train ride
And suddenly... fog!


We got up at 4:30, so we could start at 5. At almost 5 we tried to exit the guest house and found that we were completely locked, we could not go outside. Alex opened the kitchen and jumped out, to find the gate outside closed too. He rang the bell a couple times and the host woke up and opened, half asleep and grumpy, so we could finally go.

We rode in complete darkness to Lipton's seat, and close to it there was a place where they charged us 250 rupees to go inside, when it's supposed to be free... Maybe we were supposed to take another route for that. When we got to the top, we saw how the mist slowly covers everything! The sunrise was still beautiful even with so many clouds. After, we saw a lot of monkeys and people opening the place to have a tea, which we needed because were are freezing. The guy brought us with the tea a couple things to eat which we didn't order, but we saw he did the exact same thing with local tourists, so we just accepted it. We then drove down, this time seeing the way through the tea plantation, we tried to go to the Adisham monastery, but when we arrived it was still closed. So we decided to go the hotel first to have breakfast. When we arrivde looked like noone else was there, and the owner was cleaning. Alex asked if we could have breakfast and he looked really unfriendly, to be honest. Then the wife came and barked a "finish?" when I got up. We thought we were too late, but another couple arrived just as we were leaving, so we just guesses they are unfriendly by nature. After a bit we drove to the monastery, which was kind of lame, like an old european building. We went back to the hotel to sleep a bit before having lunch in the café and walk around Haputale, and then went back to the hotel to have dinner. There was a German couple there too, and we ended up waiting for midnight drinking with them. Just at 12:20 I start feeling very sick and tired and go to sleep.

Sleep: Lilly Guest Inn

Sunrise from Lipton's seat
The coolest monkey around
Stop on our way down to enjoy the views
Published: 25 February 2018, by susana

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I travelled to Sri Lanka with Alex, and spent December 2017 and January 2018 there. We travelled with our laptops and worked in the afternoon and/or evening, so we had time to see a lot of places, but took it slow.

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