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The party beach


After another really nice breakfast, the owner gave us away a coconut spoon and a small wallet "so we wouldn't forget them". And when checking out, his wife would not let us simply walk away, she called someone to take us for free to the bus stop. Like we could just forget them, they were great!

The bus was really packed, and someone told me to leave my backpack in front, next to the driver. I took the small one with me in the back, and Alex had everything with him. Not a smart move: we were worried all the time until we take everything together in front because our things where scattered around. Now we knew for the next ones: in some buses, you can put your luggage next to the driver. Once in Hikkaduwa, we took a tuktuk to our hostel and the owner gave us the ey to our room, which is ok for the price (14€ per night), and just AT THE BEACH. Since it was saturday, we were able to do some beach life: swim, drink, chill. In the evening we had some beers at our hostel and went to the Chill Space to eat something and party, but even before the party starts, we chickened out and went to sleep.

Sleep: Why not


We slept like rocks, and after sri lankan breakfast at the hostel (not included), and a 5 minutes walk, we spontaneusly took a surfing class (2000 rupees together). We didn't even had money with us and when we told them they just told us to pay them later. I could not believe it! The class was better than expected, meaning, I was not as bad as I thought I would be. Then we took our laptops to a beach bar, Mambo's and worked a bit while sipping coconuts! We ate a burger while charging the laptops, and in the afternoon we went to another cafe at the beach to see the sunset and work a bit more.

Back in our hostel for dinner and drinks, the guy working there was quite rude all the time. And when we ordered the bill, he told us we didn't pay the beers the day before. Luckily we still had the bill and we could show it to him. He was still bad mooded and there was no apology or even a smile... And to make the night better, some other guests decided to be singing, screaming, and playing with a ball next to our door until 3 am. 

Sleep (well, try to): Why not


After the previous day, we didn't really want to give any more money to the hostel, so for breakfast we went to Rotti No.1 and had some rotti. Then we went swimming and again to Mambo's to work. We worked a bit in our room, had a swim at sunset, and order dinner in a place just next to our hostel, the Bookworm, where we had some nice homemade curry. In the evening we were so tired that we fell asleep as rocks as soon as we started to watch something on Netflix.

Sleep: Why not

Published: 24 February 2018, by susana

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I travelled to Sri Lanka with Alex, and spent December 2017 and January 2018 there. We travelled with our laptops and worked in the afternoon and/or evening, so we had time to see a lot of places, but took it slow.

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