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The colorful and busy city


Wetook bus to Hatton, where we had to change to the train to Kandy. When a random train came, a rail station worker told us to go inside, but it was not going to Kandy, we had to change train for the last 10km, catching the one we actually wanted to take from the beginning... Inside, a pair young locals at the door next to us looked at me, and one plucked a flower and was going to give it to me, when the other quickly got it from him and looked in Alex's direction. 

Once in the tuktuk, the guest house owner called Alex and explained the tuktuk driver where to drop us, which didn't sound great. But when we arrived the place was wonderful, and there were 4 people waiting for us. They told us we were the first guests! We got a king coconut, and a nice chat with them. Two of them were the parents of the guy officially owning the place, and worked for 2 years in the embassy in Berlin.

We then rested in our perfect room with a occidental bathroom (shower separated from the rest so not EVERYTHING gets wet), before walking a bit in the night and have some dinner.

Sleep: UK Forest Lodge


During breakfast, a big monkey family came around to say hi. The hosts were still really happy about having their first guests, so we took some pictures before starting to explore the city. Then they even whatsapped Alex what could we visit during the day.

We went to the lake and about 5 minutes later we found a tree full with bats. Big bats. We walked next to the Temple of tooth, but instead of going inside we decided to go to the Big Buddha. In our way we got Alex some sunglasses fron a street vendor (he wanted 2800, we wanted to go, reduced to 1500 and got them for 1300) end up inside a market, where a guy asked me "Madam, banana? Do you want banana". I still don't know if he did it on purpose, but I laughed. Then another one who spoke german showed us spices to smell and taste. We told him we wanted to try jackfruit, so he took us to some guys who let us try unripe jackfruit, used to cook, and opened a ripe one for us and sold us a piece (after showing us how to eat it). We ate a bit and ended up throwing the rest because it's so sticky (but nice!).

We walked then to the buddha, which was on top of a hill, so we were sweaty but had awesome views (500 ruppies entrance for both of us) and talked a bit to a monk. We walked to the center again and checked some small shops and the KCC, a mall our hosts recommended us. Then we went to the center of agriculture, place our hosts recommended too, to eat local, cheap food.

Then we walked along the lake to go get some smoothies and back home, and saw a couple comodo dragons and a turtle. Then we worked a bit. For dinner Alex reaaaally wanted thai food, so we searched on google and there was one super far away. So we tried the "Pick me" app, and got a super cheap ride there (with an unwanted stop in the Kandy view point, which actually was nice). The place was super new, posh, expensive and the food just ok. To go back, we got a really young tuktuk driver who had no idea where we wanted to go but asked 2 police officers and brought us safe and quickly!

When we arrived, the host's dad was drinking arrack and shared a bit with us. He was sad because there were new guests who didn't like having to climb 100 steps to the accommodation, and was thinking how to make it more accessible.

Sleep: UK Forest Lodge

Monkey visit for breakfast
The Big Buddha in Kandy
The bats in Kandy are bigger than birds


We finally went to the Temple of the tooth, were Alex's shorts are too short, so we had to buy a sarong. The temple's price was 1500 rupees per person, and Alex hated it: the place was not that worth it and super full. After going out we drank some nice juices, bought some beers and ate a burger in a place with nice reviews that was just meh. We then took a pick me to the guest house and took foreeeeeeeever, which didn't lighten up our mood.

At least work was productive, and in the night we walked to the city center and went to a food court to eat some prawns with kankun and rice, which was really nice. Back we had a beer with the host's dad (Dias) and his nephew, and went to the forest in the night for a walk, where we saw a porcupine! But I found it spooky so we came back soon, for Dias's relief, since the family told him sending us there was dangerous and was about send his butler to find us (yep, apparently after working in the military and the embassy and he was entitled to a butler and a driver).

Sleep: UK Forest Lodge

Colorful walls in the Temple of the tooth
Offering's to the tooth
Alex rocks skirts...


We got up really soon to go to the forest to see animals but we just saw deer and a big liana. At least we didn't have to pay entrance. Once back we got breakfast, arranged things for the next day, and went to town.

First stop: juice bar from the previous day to take away while we walked to the Cool corner fried ice parlour, a place where the used a cold pan to make ice cream in front of you. After Coconut Bounty and PB/Chocolate flavours, we got even another one: curry leaves. The making process was cool by itself, and the presentation in rolls wonderful!

After that we walked to the view point to see it by day, and slowly made our way back buying some food to take away. Then went to the Kandy Lake Club to see a dancing show (Alex wrote them on whatsapp before to arrange nice seats). It was nice, not "a must", but nice. After it, we just went back and ate our take away food and drank our 2 beers left.

Sleep: UK Forest Lodge

Ice cream rolls
Kandy view point by day
Traditional dance with masks
Published: 25 February 2018, by susana

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I travelled to Sri Lanka with Alex, and spent December 2017 and January 2018 there. We travelled with our laptops and worked in the afternoon and/or evening, so we had time to see a lot of places, but took it slow.

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