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Back to the south: last days of sun and the thief that ruined them


I thought a super luxury night bus would be one where you can sleep. Wrong. Music (the songs they liked, loud), honking to say hi to other buses, turning on all lights to charge people caming in later, speeding (we arrived one hour too soon). And they didn't understand we were going to the train station so they drove through and dropped us half an hour away. We walked to the train station through empty 5am Colombo, bought our tickets and patiently waited for our train. Once it came we hurried inside to get some seats and put our bags on top of us. What could go wrong? EVERYTHING from then on. When the train stopped in Galle and changed direction, I told Alex to change place since the sea would be at the other side. And then I looked up. And Alex's Laptop bag was not there anymore. So Alex checked the train, we talked to the people that were still there. Gone. Some /*&%$ stole it just from the top of us! They told us to stop in Weligama and go to the police station. We took ages to find it. It was a shithole place, you could see the inmates behind bars from the door. They were with Alex for about an hour: what took longer was to find the folder they needed from a closet. Then they wrote that he "lost the bag in the train", when he told them several times "it's not lost, it's stolen".

Then we took a tuktuk to Mirissa, to a Rotti place, to have breakfast (first thing we were eating since previous day lunch, appart from a couple cookies) at noon. They took ages to take our order and serve us. Then we went to our place. The room was smelly, the bed uncomfortable... The host was a nice "alpha man" that when we told him why we were so grumpy started making calls to the police and offer to go again with us, but we thought it was pointless: nothing was digitalized, with a complain on a paper, even if they found it, how would they find us? We went printing some "Laptop stolen, we offer reward" papers and went back to Galle to stick them around the train station, and a young guy in the bus was actually pretty sad and told Alex he would tell his friends. Since we were there, we went to Tokio Ice to have some gyozas, since I remembered it was weekend and back in the day we couldn't have them! The japanese lady made us Okonomiyaki too, and explained is a really famous thing in Japan: "Okonomi" means favouite and "yaki" fried. We took the bus back, got a beer at our place, but I had such a headache I could not even finish it and fell asleep instantly.

Sleep: California family guest house


We woke up and at breakfast we met a british couple: Tim and Lucy, and found her extremely cool. We talked a bit, and splitted our ways to go to Polehna beach, the place our host said he goes on snorkeling trips with other guests. When we told him we were going there alone he didn't look that happy. After losing a bus because a guy stopped Alex to ask where were we going, we waited a couple minutes and another one came. Then it was a 15 minute walk to the beach: a small, cute beach, full of fishermen sticks but without fishermen. There are some people snorkeling around there, so there we go too. We see a lot of fish, a ray, and then a couple called us and we saw a GIANT turtle, chilling, eating, not caring. After chilling, drying and snacking some samosas, we went back, bought something in a bakery and took the bus back to Mirissa, where we chilled a bit more at the beach and then I went working a bit.

When Alex came back, we had dinner at our place with an Arrack Atack and a beer to share. Tipsy we went to the beach to have another beer. And then another. We wanted a shisha too but they are closing, so we went back to our place where our host saw us and invited us to a whiskey. When we were finishing it the british couple arrived and joined us too. So between laughs and learning fancy british words, we finished the bottle. Ooops.

Sleep: California family guest house

A ray. I've never seen one before, they are beautiful
I am such a sea turtle fan, I will never get turtled out
I wonder what happened to make that shield necessary


Save to say we were hangover. We went out really late and got a sri lankan breakfast, and then packed our stuff. The next guests for our room arrived, and had the most associal welcome ever: we were still packing looking terrible, and our host was apparently feeling under the weather and we all could hear him vomiting.

We went to the beach to lay and swim a bit, which helped. When we were fitter, we went to the other place we booked, still in Mirissa, a bit further from the beach, but a really nice room. We ate a bunch of rotti, and went to the Parrot rock to see the sunset. This time was easier thatn the first one, apparently for high season they put some safety railing. The sunset was unspectacular. Alex swam a bit and worked and I fell asleep (after finding out that the power problems were caused by the guest in the next room! Every time he connected his charger, lights in the full house went out, and he just had to do that 4 times to realize it had something to do with it) 

Sleep: Suwa Arana

This time Mirissa was in full high season


After breakfast, Alex stayed working and I went to the beach. When I arrived I started using some sunbeds, after searching around for a sign saying if they charge for them and fining none. After almost 1 hour, 2 guys approached the people there and told us is 500 ruppies per sunbed while giving us the menu. The one next to me asked if they consumed something how much would it be for the sunbed, and was still 500. So when I saw in the menu there was still nothing written about the sunbeds price and they told me "Madam, are you paying now or later?" I raged. I threw the menu to the other bed, got up, grabed my stuff and told them "No, I am not paying 500 for this; I am just going". Kind of rude, I know, and everyone seemed shocked, but I found it so unfair (it was NOT written anywhere! and after the stolen laptop I really was sick and tired of having to double check if people were trying to scam me). So I moved to the sand, went swimming, and when I got tired of sun I bought some water and picked up Alex to eat something. Then more work, to the beach for sunset, and a couple cocktails. Then we had some japanese food and a shisha at the beach. 

Sleep: Suwa Arana

Sunset in Mirissa
Published: 25 February 2018, by susana

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I travelled to Sri Lanka with Alex, and spent December 2017 and January 2018 there. We travelled with our laptops and worked in the afternoon and/or evening, so we had time to see a lot of places, but took it slow.

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