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Christmas at the beach


After Alex came back from a morning swim, we went to the bus station and were not able to get mone money since none of the 3 ATMs in the area worked. We arrived to Ranna, and after a bumpy tuktuk ride and some asking around, we arrived to our place, which was supposed to be called White Villa, but outside said Nirvana Beach Boutique Hotel. We got welcomed by the hostess' husband, which I find was bit rude to his employees, but ok.

They showed us to our room and while we were chilling in the balcony someone came walking through the pool with some welcome drinks, which make perfect for some instagram-like pictures! Short after, Michaella, the hostess, came into our room looking and acting high, with her feet all muddy, stepping everywhere and making everything dirty. She told us about the Christmas bbq she was organizing, and promised someone would come to clean the room (which didn't happen until the next day). We ordered food and went to eat next to the pool, where Michaella told us about the Christmas party again like it's the first time. Then she sat with us and... wait for it... ate the last papadam while Alex still was eating! We went to the beach, where we even ran, and got to know other ones staying there just before the most amazing sunset ever.

For dinner we went to a guesthouse a bit appart, and when we came back we talked a bit with the couple we met before and another one, both germans, about how weird the owner was.

Sleep: Nirvana Beach Boutique Hotel

Enjoying the welcome drink in the balcony
The long empty beach, perfect for a run
Wonderful sunset, that the dogs seem to enjoy too


We went up to see a beautiful sunrise and went back to bed, and during breakfast we met the Finnish couple. They asked the hostess to organize a safari to Yala for Christmas and we asked to join.

After breakfast we got a motorbike and went to get some money (did not work until the third ATM again), and some gas for the motorbike. Then we just started driving around the area, to Tangalle beach and through the lakes. When we got hungry we searched on google maps and saw a homestay in the area.

There was a grandma, "Mama Daisy", staying alone, which made us come inside and wait and cooked for us the BEST CURRY EVER. She was really sweet and hugged us goodbye calling us "my daughter" and "my son". Very nice and strange at the same time.

We drove again around the lakes, to the hotel we wanted in the beginning and back, and through a protected area to the beach where we were alone. Then we went back to the hotel to shower, make some Christmas calls and waited for the bbq to start. In the end it was not a bbq, more like a candle light dinner for 4 couples and a buffet (with lobster). Then it started raining and we all cuddled and drank under the roof they just built in the morning, that was leaking like crazy. Funny night, tipsy night.

Sleep: Nirvana Beach Boutique Hotel

My Christmas card
Mama Daisy's wonderful curry
Christma's eve dinner at the beach


We got up and have an ok breakfast, since the staff had been working all night trying to finish a room in a hotel since they got a double booking.

At 12 all the hotel started the trip to Yala with a van (which took 3 hours, instead of the 1:30 the hostess said, with a short stop in a bakery), and when we arrived there they told us it was closed. They made a limit of 400 jeeps per day, and we were not able to come inside anymore.

The alternative was to go back an hour and a half to Bundala, another park famous for birds. We dropped the 4th couple in Tissa, which was on our way, and arrived there at 16:30, just before the last entrance time. There we got a jeep, a guide, and did a short hour and a half safari, where we saw lots of birds and a couple crocodiles, but was funny and interesting. In the end we even saw some elefants far, far away, when it's already dark. Still a bit pissed, we decided to have dinner in a guesthouse next to our hotel all together, and when we came back we just went to sleep.

Sleep: Nirvana Beach Boutique Hotel

Sunset in Bundala
Published: 24 February 2018, by susana

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I travelled to Sri Lanka with Alex, and spent December 2017 and January 2018 there. We travelled with our laptops and worked in the afternoon and/or evening, so we had time to see a lot of places, but took it slow.

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