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Back to our happy place for our last days


After breakfast and checkout we went to Polehna to see turtles again! Too bad, that this time the sea was a bit rough and coulnd't see anything through the sand. We went back to Mirissa to have lunch and went back to the tiny place next to Weligama, although this time we got another guest house closer to the sea (and the people we knew). After working a bit we went to Villa Naomi to meet Richard and Francesca (and later Andrea), where we told each other our adventures and misadventures while having some beers. I loved it. Then had curry night in our guest house with the rest of the guests. After it we worked something and went to sleep.

Sleep: Dew drop

This place would make for a great office


After breakfast we went to Villa Naomi to find Richard having breakfast. He showed us the house he was building, which looked great. Then we walked to the other beach with his full face snorkel sets to try them, and found Francesca and Andrea there! After swimming and a coconut, we splitted for lunch. We went Dorian's, worked, and for sunset meet them at Villa Naomi again. One beer after another, and another, and some prawns later, we ended up with Richard, the owner of Villa Naomi a friend of his in a pretty decadent party not far away, in a place called Tiki bar. It was not the party of our lives, and I found unfair it was free for tourists but locals had to pay, and we ended up drinking a bit too much. 

Sleep: Dew drop


Totally wasted day... We got up at almost 1, so there was not breakfast anymore anywhere. Instead, we went swimming a bit to feel better, but didn't help that much. After it we went to Dorian and ordered two sandwiches, but got 1 so we shared it since it was enough, and went back to sleep. Then we forced ourselves to go to Weligama to get some money, since we had nothing left, and got some dinner in a place there. When we were back sunset was already over and we were tired, so I just talked a bit with the family from Latvia staying at our guest house too, and went to sleep soon.

Sleep: Dew drop


As our (supposedly) last beach day, we wanted to make the most out of it! We picked up Francesca and Richard and took a tuktuk to Polhena (Richard disappeared soon to go see some friends, though). This time I was the only not seeing any turtle, but I saw a lot of fish :) Then we went to Atila (next to the Tiki bar) for an ok lunch (we chose poorly). Then showered, had a drink with Richard and the workers at his place, saw sunset, and got beers and shrimps at Villa Naomi. Then we went to Francesca's (well, Simon and Andrea's place, but they were not there anymore. Andrea went back to London to work and Simon was not there  when we came back because of health issues), where Richard is staying too, and talked about everything, drank, and even saw a documentary about Simon's father.

Sleep: Dew drop


We really didn't want to leave, so we asked the owner of the Dew drop if he still had space, and when he said yes we proceeded to have a really lazy beach day to swim and drink some coconuts, then went to Mama's to have lunch. After noticing we didn't have enough money to pay  the hotel, we take a tuktuk to the ATM in Weligama, and then we met with Richard and Francesca in Villa Naomi and have a last dinner together in Dorian.

Sleep: Dew drop

Published: 25 February 2018, by susana

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I travelled to Sri Lanka with Alex, and spent December 2017 and January 2018 there. We travelled with our laptops and worked in the afternoon and/or evening, so we had time to see a lot of places, but took it slow.

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