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The small village just next to Weligama that became my happy place


We had breakfast with the German couple (Lena & Steffen), packed and checked out.

We wanted to take a train but we realized we would have to wait a lot so we jumped in a bus. In our destination we took a tuktuk whose driver was called Baby and tried to make us change our mind and take us to his guesthouse. Ours was a bit appart and really simple, but clean. And there were two kids which were wonderful and funny! We worked a bit in the balcony, stormed, and when it stopped we went to the beach to see the sunset and eat something.

The waves were gigantic, but there was a reef protecting a small part of the sea, making a natural a giant whirpool. The sunset was not that spectacular because it was cloudy, and after we went to the only beach bar in sight to have some beers and dinner. It started raining a lot, so the table next to us had to join ours, and so we got to know the nicest people ever! Richard and Andrea first, her husband Simon later. We had a nice chat, some recommendations, and an invitation to join them on Sunday, We then wanted to work a bit more, but when we arrived our host, Kelum, made us tea, and it became a playing night with his daughter (which made Alex a bit grumpy because we really had to do some things)

 Sleep: Vihansha Guesthouse

The perfect beach


On Saturday we followed Richard's recommendation of Richard and went to Wijaya beach. It was a bit back in the map, a bus there took about 20 minutes.

He said it would be good for snorkeling and turtles go there often. Sceptical, we went there with our snorkel gear and bought some samosas on our way for breakfast. Then we saw why it is good for snorkeling: there is a reef that stops the waves, a bit further appart than the place where we were the day before, so it forms a natural pool. Suddenly, after a big wave, out of the nothing a shadow appeared next to me. Took me a couple seconds to realize it was a turtle, and full of joy I swam with her for a while. There was also a girl with a gopro who agreed to send Alex the videos she took :)

Then we saw another one, even bigger, and a third one. It was like a dream until about 15 people came to try to feed and touch her, so we went out. Then we ate a pizza in the restaurant, walked a bit, chilled in a shadow, and I went swiming again and saw one again (with a local guy hitting on me).

We went back to our beach to see the sunset while swimming and on our way to have dinner we saw two girls on a motorbike. Alex asked them if they had an international license, since we didn't have one and were scared to be stopped by the police, but they didn't have one either. We ended up having dinner together, which was nice even if the moskitos devoured us. They were from the Netherlands, but forgot their names...

Then we went home, and my stomach was reaaaally bad, and when I managed to be a person again I met the new guest is in the house, John, from Finnland. We had some tea together with Kelum and agreed to make dinner together the next day.

Sleep: Vihansha Guesthouse

Wijaya beach, nice for turtles and pizza!
Another beautiful sunset, even with clouds


After working and deciding to stay two more days, we took a tuktuk to W15 in Weligama, because Richard and Simon were supposed to play guitar and sing there. In the end they didn't, but we got to collaborate in their funny Christmas video and met Francesca and Mad.

We had lunch, swam in the pool, and failed a bit at surfing. Then we went to our beach for sunset and said goodbye to Richard, who was flying back home. After Kelum made dinner for us, we went out to feed the rests to a turtle, where I tripped, Alex tried to hold me, and my phone flew unluckily to the floor, cracking a bit a corner.

Sleep: Vihansha Guesthouse

Chilling in W15
The homemade dinner our host made for us


We spent the day working, except for our "quick breakfast" that took about 2 hours, although tasty and cheap, but not much. 

After sunset, Kelum made us dinner again. This time Milk rice, chips, and papadam.

Sleep: Vihansha Guesthouse


After we saw the sunrise at the beach, we decided to risk it and took Kelum's motorbike. We had a juice and lunch in Weligama, and then went to Mirissa, where the beach was gorgeous! We had some drinks, swam a bit, and went to the top of the Parrot rock to enjoy the views and to make a video for Almudena (who was getting married in NY!).

We drove back, chilled a bit and reserved a curry for dinner, which was totally worth the 1 hour wait.

Sleep: Vihansha Guesthouse

Stunning colors at sunrise
Mirissa beach in the middle of December, before the crowds arrive
Mirissa beach from the Parrot rock
Published: 24 February 2018, by susana

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I travelled to Sri Lanka with Alex, and spent December 2017 and January 2018 there. We travelled with our laptops and worked in the afternoon and/or evening, so we had time to see a lot of places, but took it slow.

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