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So much more than just chilling at the beach


Woke up really soon (although at least I didn't sleep that much) and they took us back to the beach for an hour or so. When people started arriving we went back to the boat and had some breakfast and time to snorkel and kayaking (with bad luck, our kayak turned upside down, hit my head slightly and I lost my snorkel. But hey, could have been worse!). When we arrived back at Phi Phi we went to the beach and swam and relaxed in a shadow, got some smoothies and saw a guy with a baby monkey (I touched him! for free! hihihi!). Our ferry back to Krabi was at 15:30 but we tried to run to get the one at 13:30, just to find out we couldn't change to a previous one. So warm, I've never sweat so much in my life, I was feeling sick and bad. So we went to an "expensive" restaurant with fans and waited there, and then mailny slept in the ferry.

Then we arrive at our new hotel in Ao Nang, which was simply really amazing. 15€ for a private room that looks cutie! Alex went to try his new suit and then we had some dinner with a dragonfruit smoothie and a blueberry one, which tasted (and looked) incredible. Then we went back to our room, where we wanted to have some beers in our terrace, but after 2 minutes felt too warm, so we had some fun time and then went to read/sleep with the promise that we would wake up soon to be able to enjoy a sunrise swim.

Tsunami evacuation route. Scary...
Obligatory jumping picture à la "The beach" style before saying goodby to Maya bay


The bed was too confortable and we overslept, but still made it pretty soon to Railay. We went down to the further away beach and there we got breakfast from a "street food boat", and met Jan, the polish, for like 5 minutes, since he was on a "4 islands tour". At the end of the beach were the "pennis caves", pretty weird, and enjoyed some swimming and the crazy stones shadows. Then we ate something (probably bad) and went to the diamond caves, the most disappointing attraction so far.

Back to Railey beach we had to wait for about 40 minutes for a boat to be full and take us back to Ao Nang, where we rented a motorbike and drove (in a motorbike both of us with our 2 backpacks!!) to "The Bananas", the hotel in the middle of the nothing, first row to water, and amazingly well rated. So, of course... I hated it! We had a bamboo bungalow with a fan, the worst bed ever, cold water, and the door wouldn't close. To it, add that apparently I had alergy to something there so my eyes got all red and swollen, so sleeping was not really nice.

Our breakfast place
Princess cave, with her offerings
Raylay is impressive


Worst sleep ever! Alergy, nightmares and a random creepy music outside, like monks chanting (it was the call to pray), so at 6 we went to sleep in the hammocs near the water. The previous night we booked a kayak trip that we had to pay cash, so we went to the ATM (3 km) but didn't work, so a guy from the staff lent us 1000 Baht that we could pay when checking out. After 30' waiting, we noticed that they forgot to book our trip, so we went there with our motorbike to not delay it even more. Our really young thai guide took us first to monkey bay, a diminute bay between cliffs. Then we continued through a canyon, where he picked a jellyfish with his hands to show us the head is safe to touch and the tentacles are the venomous part. In the mangroves, a monkey jumped in our kayak and tried to steal and bite the bottles open. We helped him and he drank from them while we held them! Pro tip: don't pet the monkeys.

Back to The bananas we chilled until the afternoon so the sun was not up to drive back to Ao Nang (we payed 2 nights in advance but I didn't want to stay there). We wanted to check out at 15:30 but the owner was not there and they didn't have the password. An hour later, they called him and he said he would still take an hour, so we told them to send us the invoice. The cool place we stayed two nights before was full, so we checked in in a place run by a Swiss guy, which was nice too. We had some dinner and cocktails in a restaurant where every hour was happy hour. The cocktails were too strong (and cheap) and we asked them to make mine "less strong". 2 minutes later the guy comes back and asks me "Is ok strong now?"... and was even stronger, thank you.

Didn't like my bungalow, but the hammocks sure were cool
And the view breathtaking


The day before we went to sleep slightly tipsy and super soon (like 10 or so!) because we wanted to go all the way up the Tiger temple to see the sunrise. So we woke up at 4, drove 35 minutes there and went up 1237 crazy steps. In the dark! With our phones as only light! But it was really worth it. We sweated buckets, I don't want to imagine how that would have bee with 10 degrees more to see the sunset!

The views were breathtaking, and after eating some toast we brought, seeing people that actually slept up there and other 2 tourists rushing up just to see the sunrise and go down, we chilled a bit around and started slowly our way down. Then we saw like... 20 monkeys or more, just there, playing, grooming themselves, searching for food and water, etc. We tried to give them our water bottle but one took it and dropped it. And then a tiny one tried to eat (or play with, you never know) my toes. Later we came back to the hostel in Krabi town to get Alex's charger back (it was still there!) and to see a market, and went back to our hotel to sleep one hour before checking out. Then breakfast, smoothies, and check in back in the nice hotel (sadly, in a worse room). Then we just went to the beack with a couple beers, and then a couple more, to chill in our last beach day. At 6pm or something we decided to go have some lunch/dinner to the swiss place because everything was 50% off, and we ate awesome burgers. Then we picked up Alex's suit, our laundry, sent postcards... and went to sleep.

Gorgeous sunrise
Views from the Tiger temple
Monkeys on our way down
Published: 3 March 2018, by susana

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Our first long trip, after two years of hard working! The idea of going to Thailand was in our minds for a long time, since Max, Alex's cousin, was living there.

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