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The city of the ruins


In the midldle of the night there was a monster our closet: a loud and scary noise, like movements and scraching. In the end, nothing was inside, so Alex went out and scared the (we want to believe) cat that was on the roof. We packed up and went to the airport to fly back to Bangkok and from there we went to Ayutthaya by train. In the train "station" (2 rails and a ticket selling booth) we bought 3rd class tickets for 11.11 Baht total and waited 1h for our train. In the meanwhile a security guy talked to us and showed us ALL the videos on his phone, including all kind of weird stuff.

The train was old, with fans and the ride was about one hour. The first thing to do in Ayutthaya was crossing the river with a ferry (5 Baht): a boat that never stopped, where you jumped on while the female driver pushed repeatedly the boat slightly against the pier with tires attached to it so it was soft. Then we walked to our hotel, previously booked with hostelworld. Apparently, someone booked at the same time as us, so they had no space and sent us to the hostel next to it. Then we searched for a place to have lunch and ordered "2 seafood" in a restaurant. They brought a hot pot, 2 giant plates of vegetables and 2 more of raw seafood. We never had it before and we had to ask for help to the waitress, who, laughing, cut the vegetables and put everything in the pan. It was too much food. Then we walked to the historical park and checked the ruins closer to us (the Buddha head in a tree) before going back to the hostel to rent bikes to go all the way through the historical park. We then bought some beers and sandwiches and went back to sleep.

Ruins in the historical park
The famous Buddah head
Sunsets are always amazing


We got up, had some of the hostel free coffee and bananas (and the sandwiches from the day before) and got our bikes to see one last temple that in the tourist map didn't look that far away. We took 1 hour with that monter sun on us. Once there, we got some water and came inside, and like 5 minutes later a bird pooped on my face, so I basically used all my water to clean myself.

The ruins were big and cool but really not that old (18th century). Then we drove back to the hostel to have another shower, return the bikes, check out and go catch a minivan to BKK. But before, we got 2 tasty smoothies (the semolina one was the best) and a pizza. We arrived and waited for Max to tell us how to get to a hotel in a mall, where we got something else to eat. Looks like it was fully booked, so he searched for an airbnb, and once there, we had to wait one hour for the guy to come, so we had a coffee. After 90 minutes waiting, the guy called us and told us that we were probably in the wrong building, since there were several with the same name, and finally met him. We got a shower and waited a bit more for Max to come with Nico (a close friend from Alex), who was coming back from his trip to Australia and had no clue we were there. We had a really late dinner and went back to the flat (22nd floor, modern, nice views) to sleep.

The ride under the crazy sun was worth it
Birds at the right time add a certain amount of epicness to the pictures
Published: 3 March 2018, by susana

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Our first long trip, after two years of hard working! The idea of going to Thailand was in our minds for a long time, since Max, Alex's cousin, was living there.

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