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Beating the jet lag with massages, food and culture


We flew from Berlin to Bangkok with Qatar Airways, making a really short stop in Doha, so short we really had to hurry. The first plane was nice, with nice food, crew and that funny Barça safety instructions video . The second one was massive (at least for what I was used to!), and the cute bag with socks, mask, earplugs and a toothbrush everything I ever wanted. Sadly, the guy behind me was singing all the time, making sleep pretty impossible!

When we arrived, we took ages to go outside the airport, but in the end we found Max (Alex's cousin), who told us we were meeting his girlfriend Sina and some other german visitors... Who ended up being Marlene (Max's sister) and Julius (her boyfriend)! Surprise family reunion in Bangkok! Then we all went to get a 2 hour thai massage, equally painful as nice (my legs felt less heavy afterwards).We paid for that 550 Baht. So about 12 euro. What a bargain. 

Then we had a nice Thai dinner next to the river with views at the palace (highligh: the dessert, mango with sticky rice! Hmmmm!!) And then, to end the day, we went to an open air bar in the 29th floor of a hotel to have some cocktails with views to the city. Simply incredible. Went back to our hostel (came before shortly to drop the bags), after dropping Marlene and buying a Sim card, by sky train. Shared room with AC, 10€ each. And it's cool!


After a well deserved shower and breakfast we checked out and went by bus to the train station to get the train tickets for the night and leave the luggage there, so we could roam BKK without it.

We wanted to take another bus to the palace, but next to the stop there was a giant golden pagoda, (and now we understood that someone tried the "it's closed" scam just 10 minutes before, since we didnt know there was anything touristic there!). It ended up being the Big Buddha, a BIG golden Buddha. As in golden made of gold, not just colour!

After that, we took the bus to the palace, where we had to get some shirts and large trousers borrowed (although for the Buddha before I just needed a scarf). The entrance was pretty expensive, but worth it. Place for some great pictures, after Alex got how to take pics (I had to complain and bitch a bit for it). Since we wanted to meet Marlene and the sim card wasn't activated yet, after a nice orange and coconut, we went to have lunch to a place with a "Free wifi" sing, which didn't work. So we picked up a taxi and asked to get to a mall. He left us at the entrance of the Gem shop (?!) from the mall, which looked like kind of a market with AC. We bought there two tshirts for Alex, but didn't find shoes for me, so we took a bus instead of walking to the night train. We had a cabin of 4, and the other 2 were a nice american couple. We sneaked some beers in the train (which was VERY forbidden and would have for made for an expensive fee) and drank and small talked until they were tired.

The monks were as impressed as I was with the golden Buddha
Part of the palace
This is probably my favorite picture of the trip
Published: 3 March 2018, by susana

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Our first long trip, after two years of hard working! The idea of going to Thailand was in our minds for a long time, since Max, Alex's cousin, was living there.

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