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It's oh so not quiet...


A van picked us up at the hostel and took us to the Ferry to Koh Phi Phi, where we bathed a bit, bought Alex a long sleeve tshirt to cover the burnt arms and climbed (part of) the viewpoint (it was too hot, had to give up at 2/3).

Then we went to our... overnight sleep in Maya Bay!! It was REALLY nice!!! We arrived there and, to be fair, from the boat looks a bit lame. But once on the beach is impressive. "Its paradise". The sun doesnt really hit you directly, the cliffs protect from the wind, the water is crystal clear and has the perfect temperature. Too bad that usually there are too many people. But when the sunset came, everyone except our boat (about 27 people) left. We ate some curry, played drinking games, had a chicken barbeque, and after waiting a bit for the guys in the boat to wake up, they picked us from the beach and went to swim with fluorescent plankton (which was not sooo impressive since it was full moon) and went to sleep to the boat where they gave us sleeping bags and pillows. In the beginning I thought it was too expensive (about 85 euro each, a lot, specially for Thailand), but was completely worth it! Oh, and in the boat there was a guy who studied in my same university, what a small world...

Koh Phi Phi is wonderful when everyone is still sleeping
And this was just 2/3 up from the view point! But climbib during midday was not our smartest move
Me jumping in the water of Maya Bay as happy as Dicaprio in "The Beach"
Published: 3 March 2018, by susana

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Our first long trip, after two years of hard working! The idea of going to Thailand was in our minds for a long time, since Max, Alex's cousin, was living there.

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