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The calm beach, at least this time of the year


We woke up, had a really nice and cheap breakfast from an old lady who was coming with his cart to the door of our hostel, checked out and decided to go to the airport before Songkran crazyness started. But we arrived way too soon so we wanted to go to the mall next to it, but the taxi driver took us to one in the city center. So after a couple smoothies, everything was full and now we had to rush, took a tuktuk and got soaking wet. For some minutes I was so pissed.

We changed, got in a plane and waited in BKK airport (note to self: do not eat again in that Subway. Too expensive, later we found cheaper and nicer things. Oh and I found bubble tea disgusting). With more than 90 minutes time, we went to the check in for our second plane, waited longer than 45 minutes and in the end they called appart our flight. Dumb ways to have to hurry again! Then after a plane, a bus and a bit walk we made it to our hostel in Krabi Town. A shared room in a reallu cool hostel.

We went outside for a street dinner and met Jan, a polish guy we already talked to on our way to our hostel since he needed one, and he joined us. We decided to go for a beer and ended up in a "Bob Marley" bar with life music. At one point, Jan joined them with the guitar too. Most of the songs we knew, except the "Thai song about how hard but how great is to smoke Marijuana when it's hot". 4 beers later we went back to our hostel sliiiiiiiightly drunk.


Today we woke up hungoverish, but with the strenght to want to do some things! So did the laundry, ate breakfast and rented a motorbike to go to Ao Nang (with a short stop in a temple inside a mountain-cave). Since we lost the cheap sunglasses and sunscreen, and they took our insect repelent at the airport, we burnt ourselves on our -very beautiful- way (Alex's hands looked seriously scary burnt) and I got all bitten. Plus Ao Nang itself had some great views from the beach but the beach itself is dirty and mostly disappointing. The ride with the motorbike was way more chilled than in Chiang Mai and we found "Andi the taylor" so we stepped by to ask for a suit. With vest and shirt, all together, 9300 Baht. Then we swam a little bit (I've never ever in my life felt a see so warm) and made fun of two girls taking selfies in unbelievable positions... To end up having a cocktail and watching the gorgeous sunset at the beach. What we lernt today: midday sun here is no joke. We should hide from 12 to 16h!

The temple in a cave
Ao Nang beach
Sunset. Everyone in the area had the same idea
Published: 3 March 2018, by susana

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Our first long trip, after two years of hard working! The idea of going to Thailand was in our minds for a long time, since Max, Alex's cousin, was living there.

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