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Is the Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku worth it?

TL;DR: I personally think it is NOT.

Short story about why I went there

When I was planning our trip to Japan, I quickly found out about this quirky place in Tokyo. And after a quick research, I ditched the idea of going. So why on Earth did I end up there? Well. While travelling I usually dodge food/drink chains as if they were the plague, since I prefer trying all the new things a place has to offer. But in Gion (Kyoto) we bumped into the coolest Starbucks ever (it is in a typical old Japanese house), so we decided to try a Matcha frappuccino. Since sitplaces were scarce, we shared tatami and table with an american couple travelling Japan, and we asked if they did something they would recommend. And they (particularly, he), were still excited about the Robot Restaurant show they had seen the previous week.

So I put it back in my list, and as we arrived in Tokyo, we decided to get tickets. Once there, we saw they were +70Euro per person, so got them online instead for about 44 each (with a bit more research and time we could have gone cheaper).

And there we went. From second one I felt in a tourist trap. We got in an elevator to wait for the show to start in the American Bar & Cafe, on top of the building. Drinks looked ok, but food not even that. Then we were prompted to go where the show took place. After trying to sell us a couple more drinks, the show started. It was really loud, weird and colourful. The actors and actresses were definetely talented. They sang and rode some giant robots in a wild video game style mix of triceratops shooting lasers, giant snakes, and Japanese symbols going around. The thing felt kind of off and I am still not sure someone would consider it even insulting. For sure, there were a total of 0 Japanese in the audience there.

Triceratops shooting lasersA giant robot snakeThe Robot Restaurant elevator
The Robot Restaurant

So... Susana, is it worth it or not?

Well, it depends on what YOU like.

The couple that recommended it to me thought it is.

I think... if you have the time, money, and want to see for yourself, why not, its not hurting anyone. But I would NOT go again, nor recommend it. So, NO.

Published: 25 October 2019, by susana

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