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Things to know for a smooth ride along the Ring road

Before you go

If you want to sleep in rooms while driving along the ring road in summer, don't wait until the last minute to make plans and book. Everything outside Reykjavik was pretty much booked out when we were there, so have something arranged before, our consider camping.

A summer sleeping bag won't make the cut. I talk from experience here. If you are going to camp, get one ready for cold weather. We ended up sleeping inside our small car because we froze in the tent! For our next time, we will probably get a camper van.

A small car will take you mainly along the main road. We did some unpaved ones but were worried most of the time. And definitely never ever try to go in F-road without a four wheel drive!

Weather changes by the second. This means it can rain or be sunny, but chances are really high it will be cold and windy. The 66north commercials are not joking with their "waiting for summer since 1926" motto. Get a water resistant jacket and a couple pullovers with you.


Once there

You don't need cash. Seriously. In ten days I didn't see a bill or coin. Everything is credit card ready: from the campings and parkings to the toilets.

I don't like driving, but the Ring road is probably the best place to drive. You can just go up to 90km/h but it's not like you would want to be faster with those sights. Take care when you see sheep next to the road, they like to jump in the middle unexpectedly: reduce and be ready and you will have a laugh instead of having to call the insurance.

Layering clothes is always a good idea, when you are hiking you will want to remove things for sure.

Even the smallest village can have a pool. They are wonderful. The Akureyri Thermal Pool won my heart with the slides with warm water!

If you see a looped square sign, there is a point of interest around. If you have time, check it even if it's not in your guide. It will most likely be something beautiful. Everything there is!

All opinions from a trip beginning of September 2017

Published: 16 March 2018, by susana

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