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The many things I loved from Thailand

Before going

Packing for Thailand is a no-brainer. You don't need a lot of things with you. You can get there virtually everything you need really cheap and laundry places are great and fast.

We decided semi spontaneusly what to do next and we had no problems booking accommodations the day before. An exception we made (and glad we did): Songkran. We were in Chiang Mai and hostels were really full!


Moving around

The Night train to Chiang Mai is something to arrange a bit in advance too, but it was great. If you get a bed up, have something with to cover you, the AC in the middle of the night gets really cold. Breakfast in the dining wagon before arriving was well worth it too!

My favourite transport method in the world might be the songthaews in Chiang Mai: Just stop one going in your direction, ask if they stop around your destination, and jump in.

Motorbike is a great way to explore. Drive save, use helmet and... Protect your hands and neck! Midday sun will burn them!

Going all the way from north to south, or the other way around? Inland flights are not that expensive.



Accommodations are cheap and usually great. If you are not travelling alone: a double room in a hotel can be cheaper than 2 beds in a hostel.

The food is just off this world. Street food specially, just eat where there are lots people. The only time I got food poisoning was in a restaurant! And I still dream about the fruit and smoothies...

If you are around in Songkran, be ready to get wet. Buy a water gun and a waterproof cover for your phone (or even better, leave it at your accommodation), and enjoy! Trying not to get wet will make your day miserable, so just join the celebration.

I'm not a religious person, but temples in Thailand are gorgeous. Make sure to cover shoulders and knees to go inside. Go to a market and buy yourself a nice scarf (or several) instead of paying at each temple to rent one.

Things we liked doing and would recommend: taking a coking class, doing a canoeing tour, Maya Bay sleep aboard (it was expensive but we loved it), going Raylei and go up to the Tiger cave temple in Krabi to see the sunrise.

Things we would not do again: visit the Diamond cave close to Railey beach and an anything like an Elephant camp. A hostess in a hostel recommended one to us, but when we arrived there, they were chained. Also, she told us "riding them without seats is fine", which I don't really think it is. Double check where you go to, don't support anything where you see cruelty!

All opinions based in my visit in April 2016

Published: 16 March 2018, by susana

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