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The Montenegro alternative tour: urban exploring the (many and awesome) abandoned buildings in Montenegro

Montenegro is still kind of a secret destination, but tourism is rapidly increasing and we were definetely not alone even in September. If you have wheels and want some time away from the mainly tourist attractions, there are abandoned buildings all over the country that are worth a visit. 

Note: please, PLEASE, use your precious brain and, before venturing inside any place, evaluate if it is safe (and legal). Many of the places mentioned here have fantastic views even from the outside, and there is no need to risk your well being going inside. Always proceed with caution and don't take my words as the absolute truth, since
a) I can be wrong, and
b) things can change.


Abandoned places we were in during our road trip

Fort Gorazda: right next to Kotor, before the Kotor serpentine, you can take a turn right and drive right to the door of this abandoned fort. You have an amazing view from outside, and even if we were too late for sunset, I bet it is a magical view. It seems quite well known among locals and a place for young people to meet. It felt really safe to explore the inside and if you ignore the trash around, it is beautiful and among the lame graffitis there are a couple really cool ones. Don't forget to take a torch (or your phone's one) with you.

Kosmac Fort: arriving to Budva from Cetinje, you can see the fort from the M2.3. Don't trust Google Maps and make yourself (and your car) a favour and don't try to drive all the way there. I'm talking from experience. Park when the buildings end and walk your way up, and you won't be disappointed with the views all over the Adriatic, from Budva to Sveti Stefan. We saw a couple other groups when we were there and we were the only ones going inside the building: it is really not necessary, the real charm of this place are the views from its outside. We enjoyed our breakfast there, take a picnic with you and do the same!

Mogren Fortress: between Budva and Jaz beach, this place makes for a beautiful sunset spot, but it looks like another drinking spot for young people, so sadly it is full of trash, too. If you have a small car, you can try leaving it right at the entrance from the main road (where there is really place just for 1), or you can use the parking from Vista and walk 15 minutes. 

Hiking Trail Petrovac-Rezevici: from Petrovac starts a small hiking trail that takes you through tunnels to a massive abandoned hotel construction. Or you can just park right at the big parking place in front of it, used by the many people that go to the beach there. You CAN find a way inside, but, really, it was just a big abandoned construction site, which made me kind of sad, and I didn't find it as interesting.


Places we saw from the car

Haj Nehaj Fortress: on our way to Lake Skadar we drove next to it. It looked massive and I bet the views were gorgeous, too. I guess you have to find a spot and walk your way up, like with the Kosmac Fort.

Fortress Grmozur: in an island in Lake Skadar lies this old Montenegrin Alcatraz, but don't get your hopes too high, since right now you can just admire it from a boat or (like us) from the lake side.

Fort Lesendro: it lies in the middle of the road that crosses Lake Skadar. We skipped it because you really can just go there by walking either along the busy road or the train tracks, since there is no place to leave the car once the bridge starts. You can drive slowly to watch it from the outside, though.

Zabljak Crnojevica Fortress: another place we didn't make it but I regret it, since I'm pretty sure would have taken less time that we thought and would have been a great view. It is around lake Skadar too, but at the time we kind of have had enough abandoned fortresses in barely 2 days...

Ramparts Of Onogost: in Niksic, it looked like another pretty but perfect place for youngs to kill time (aka, probably full of trash), so we just drove by.

Fortress Straznik: this one can be seen from the P11. Since Alex twisted his ankle the previous day, we didn't go up.


Abandoned places around the Lustica peninsula 

When we were in Budva visiting Veit, we talked about the places we saw so far and he told us this part of Montenegro is full of great places to explore, like:

Strand von Dobrec: here, at the end of Lustica peninsula, is an abandoned submarine base. I don't know how it is, but it sure sounds cool. 

Fort Oskorusa, Fort Lustica & Fortress Arza are around the peninsula, too.

Fort Mamula: old prison in an island. I read something about it now being closed to public because they want to turn it into a hotel.


And those are just the places we saw/heard about in our road trip in Montenegro in September 2018, I guess there are more!

Be safe and have fun exploring! :)

Published: 28 September 2018, by susana