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What to do in Dresden - Dresden highlighs and itinerary ideas

Are you planning a visit to Dresden? Or thinking about adding it as a part of your itinerary? Well, I strongly recommend you do that!

Dresden is a city in Saxony, easily reachable with public transport, two hours away from both Berlin and Prague. Crossed by the river Elbe, surrounded by beautiful villages and really close to the Saxon Switzerland National Park, this city, whose nickname is the Florence on the Elbe, well diserves a visit.

Before moving to Dresden in 2014, I was a tourist here myself for two weeks in the Summer of 2012. And this last five years I have been visited by family and friends. Each one of this visits I have planned with all my love an itinerary taking into account my visitor's time and interests, but in the end, the city's highlights are the same in each of them. And that is how I have come with the best Dresden itineraries, for a day visit, or even a week!


Top highlights in Dresden

Take a walk through the Altstadt

The historical area of Dresden is pretty small and easy to visit on foot. Walk towards the Frauenkirche, whose bell-shaped dome represents the most iconic view of Dresden, and explore around the area, where you will find the Fürstenzug, a large tiled mural, and lots of beautiful buildings.


Spend some time relaxin in the Zwinger

This magnificent Baroque palace, just next to the Semperoper, features a great garden. Every corner of it is picture perfect, and if you have the time and are interested, the palace is home to several museums.


Find the Canaletto blick

When the sun is setting, and if the weather allows it, nothing is better than a stroll along the riverside enjoying the views from the Altstadt. Just a bit further, the Japanisches Palais is well worth a visit, too.

Altstadt view
Altstadt view

Discover the inner Neustadt

The Baroque buildings, palaces and churches share space with art galeries and restaurants for all budgets. The Hauptstraße is nice to walk, and it is prone to offer events, mostly markets.


Spend the evening in outer Neustadt

Cool, trendy, and colourful: this is the neighbourhood where you can find the Kunsthofpassage, with its famous blue house. With all types of bars, suiting all music (and drinking) tastes, and events happening regularly, this is the place to be in the evening.

Published: 17 September 2019, by susana


  • Laura

    Laura 2 years ago

    Looking forward to visiting Dresden soon!

    • Susana

      Susana 2 years ago

      Just do it! You won't regret it :)

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