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What to do in Dresden - A weekend itinerary

What can you expect from visiting Dresden for a weekend? Well, you can enjoy the city, see what it has to offer, and maybe fall in love with it and think it deserves another visit!

This itinerary is short, fun and centered in the best of what Dresden has to offer (I set this up when my best friend visited me with her husband!)


DAY 1: Altstadt Free walking tour & getting to know the Neustadt

Prepare for a busy but nice day! The most efficient (and educational) way to visit all the Altstadt highlights is to take part in one of the many offered Free walking tours. Check online to find one that suits you (and their schedules for your dates). The meeting point is usually close to the Frauenkirche and lasts about two hours.

After the tour, head towards the Albertbrücke to cross the Elbe and enjoy the Altstadt views offered by Canaletto-Blick. Don't forget to recharge your batteries by eating in one of the many restaurants on either side of the river! When you are ready, enjoy the Hauptstraße and its surroundings as you head towards the Outer Neustadt.

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The Neustadt is full of culture, bars and restaurants, so after walking a bit around (don't forget the Kunsthofpassage!), enjoy your dinner and, if you are up to it, some drinks!

DAY 2: Cool activity & Großer Garten

Dresden has a lot of fun activities to offer. My favorite? If you have a driver's license, like to drive, and want to give yourself a whim, clearly, a tour with Hotsoxx! It's a way to see the city in a different way, and have a good time while driving a kind-of-prettier-go-kart through the city. Other options would be a boat tour, or go up the suspension railway, the Schwebebahn.

In a stop in front of the Blaues Wunder in our Hotsoxx tour
In a stop in front of the Blaues Wunder in our Hotsoxx tour

Whatever you choose, after lunch, you can stroll around the Großer Garten. Enjoying the views of its palaces and the Transparent Factory as the sun goes down is a good way to put an end to a weekend!

The palace from Dresden park
The palace from Dresden park
Published: 27 September 2019, by susana

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